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Using your Morris Scholar Stipend

The $2,500 Morris Scholar Stipend can be used after you have completed two consecutive semesters and earned 30 degree-seeking credits at the University of Minnesota, Morris. To redeem this stipend you must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50. The Morris Scholar Stipend must be used before you graduate from Morris. There will be no cash refund if the stipend is not fully utilized.

“Stipend” and “Scholarly Experience” refers to the $2,500 Scholarly Stipend associated with the Morris Scholar Award

Application Deadline Dates to request Morris Scholar Stipend disbursement:

Fall Semester: July 15th

Spring Semester: November 15th

May/Summer Sessions: April 15th

How do I apply to use my Morris Scholar Stipend?

Go to the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) or Financial Aid website and print out the Request for Morris Scholar Stipend Disbursement form. Once you have filled out the form, set up an appointment to discuss your plans with the Director of ACE. After the Director approves your stipend application form you can take it to the Financial Aid Office for verification that you meet the GPA and credit eligibility guidelines, as well as verify that you still have available funds. If you are approved in all areas, your requested funding will be added to your Morris student account.

How do I decide how to use my Scholarly Stipend? What if I need help knowing and choosing my options?

Spend some time thinking about the type of experiences that interest you and that could be funded by the Morris Scholars stipend. Once you have an idea, are looking for ideas, or need help focusing your interests, schedule an appointment with the Director of ACE, who is also the person who reviews the Request for Morris Scholar Stipend Disbursement forms.

How do I know if the activity I want to do is an approved “scholarly experience”?
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

The experience should fall under the categories of study abroad, research, artistic experiences, academic conference, National Student Exchange, or internship.

Your experience has to be affiliated with the University of Minnesota, Morris, either through college credit, or travel or work with a Morris faculty member.

Internships are encouraged to be credit bearing.

We reserve the right to verify that the experience you are choosing provides you with an academically enriching scholarly experience.

Can I use my stipend to support other academic experiences that are not funded through the Morris Scholars Award stipend?

Yes, for example, you could use your stipend to buy books, materials, or to fund travel associated with a UROP, Morris Academic Partner (MAP), or the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

What if I want to do a study abroad experience through another university?

First, contact the ACE Director to talk about your goals and the program you wish to complete. If you both agree that the program is appropriate you will need to do the following:

  1. Apply to the program
  2. Prepare a budget for your experience
  3. Once you are accepted to the program and want to use your Morris Scholar stipend to help pay for it, the ACE Director will approve your Morris Scholar Stipend Disbursement form
  4. UMM Academic Administrator will then help you register for credits, including insurance, under a foreign study registration (FOST 3000) for 12 or more credits (with zero charge to your bill) so that you have proof of enrollment at Morris
  5. You will take your approved Morris Scholar Stipend Disbursement form to the Office of Financial Aid so that Morris can pay out your stipend to your student account for you to pay for the costs associated with your study abroad program.