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Steps to Take by Year

Tips and advice for getting involved with research, creative, or other scholarly activities at Morris!

There are numerous opportunities and ways to get involved with research, creative, and other scholarly activities while being a student at Morris. Activities may be done to assist faculty in their work, in collaboration with faculty, staff, and/or other students, or to reflect your own original direction and contribution. Review the ideas below and talk to your professors and/or visit the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) for further ideas and resources.

First Year:

At this point you are still deciding on or being introduced to your chosen field and likely are just learning important methods, theories, and approaches that support scholarly work. BUT, understandably, you want to get involved. There are several ways to do so.


You’ve been around for a while now. You’ll be taking some of the upper-level courses in your field and are becoming more familiar with the methods and underlying theories and approaches. This is a good year to start developing your own interests in your chosen field while still exploring. Here are some options for you to get involved.


This is the optimal year for doing your own or collaborative work. If you are able to get a project done during your junior year, then you still have time to present that work at national or regional conferences or venues, or possibly develop it for publication. What to do?


Those previous three years go by fast, and you have one last shot. Take the opportunity!

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