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Instrumental Music In The United Kingdom

Instrumental Music In The United Kingdom

May 12-25, 2015


The United Kingdom has world reputation for music performance and innovation. Classical composers from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Benjamin Britten, jazz musicians from Ronnie Scott to George Shearing, and bands from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles have all helped to define the uniqueness of the British music scene. Alongside its historical traditions, cultural and regional diversity puts this country at the cutting edge of music today.

Perform and work alongside some of the UK’s finest musicians and experience the British music scene for yourself.

During this 2-week, 2-credit program you will:

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Faculty Profiles:

Simon Tillier, Assistant Professor in Music at UMM, directs the Symphonic Winds and chamber ensembles in addition to teaching conducting. As a UK citizen, performer and educator, he has a unique perspective on its music and culture. What finer way is there to experience a country than through one of its own musicians?

Jason Squinobal, Assistant Professor in Music at UMM, directs the UMM Jazz Ensemble. Although not a citizen of the UK, he has a great appreciation of its music, culture, and people. He has made several trips to England, and he has performed and presented research in London, Manchester and Leeds.