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Residential Life at UMM

UMM is a residential public liberal arts college. Living on campus is one of the most rewarding experiences of college life. Convenience, commitment to academics, campus and community involvement, friendship, social activities, and educational programming are just a few reasons that students enjoy living on campus.

Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to get involved and learn valuable educational, social, and leadership skills. Involvement helps create a feeling of ownership and belonging. As a result, statistics show that students who live on-campus obtain higher grade point averages then their off-campus peers and are 12% more likely to graduate from college than other students. At UMM, over 90% of first-year students live on campus. When we ask new students about their UMM experience during fall semester, their most common response is: "I love my floor!" This is quickly followed by: "I can't believe how much fun we have just hanging out and doing things together." dorm homecoming float

UMM is committed to residence hall living as a vital complement to our academic program. Residence hall staff members work to foster an environment where students can share academic goals, get involved in campus life, be themselves, learn from others, and support each other. They create respectful, diverse, inclusive living communities that offer great opportunities and enhance students' personal development.

Visit the Web site of the Office of Residential Life.