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UMM ELTAP Graduate Credit

The graduate credit option is available to degree and non-degree seeking individuals who have completed a bachelor's or advanced degree. Participants can earn three semester hours of graduate credit upon satisfactory completion of program responsibilities and requirements for a directed study course. However, ELTAP participants do not need to be enrolled in or pursuing a degree program.

ELTAP is intended to reflect an interdisciplinary perspective and seeks to fulfill the following goals:
  • Sharpen verbal and written communication skills;
  • Broaden general knowledge;
  • Strengthen capacity to think critically and creatively;
  • Gain insights into the relationships between disciplines, ideas, and historical developments

The appropriate course registration form will be completed by ELTAP staff for each participant based on information provided on the ELTAP application.

ELTAP participants are evaluated on the quality of their service to the host school, their assistance to students and teachers, and the quality of papers submitted in response to program requirements. Granting of graduate credit and a grade on an A - F scale is based on review of student reports and results of observations by host school faculty and interaction with and/or observation by ELTAP faculty. Graduate student ELTAP participants are assessed on their:
  • service to the host school and effectiveness in instruction through self assessment as reported in a summary of an analytical journal and structure observations by in-school and university supervisors

  • cross cultural understanding through descriptions and analysis of cross cultural experiences as reported in a summary of an analytical journal and self-reflection paper

  • analysis of language learning, cross cultural understanding, or other topic of interest to the graduate student with concurrence of ELTAP faculty as reported in a paper submitted at the conclusion of their work in the host school

Graduate credit written assignment
The intent of this assignment is to foster understanding and stimulate action based on scholarly study and analysis of experience serving as an ELTAP participant in another culture.