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Application Process for English Language Teaching Assistant Program (ELTAP)

If you are applying to ELTAP for a spring placement, please compile and submit all materials from the application checklist to this address by October 1, 2011. For summer placement, all materials should be submitted by February 1, 2012, and for fall placement, submit your application and materials by March 1, 2012.

Division of Education
University of Minnesota, Morris
600 East 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267-2132

Beginning November 30, 2009, all applications for fall 2011 and future Global Student Teaching placements must be made through our Education Abroad online application system.

Education Abroad Online Application

Once you enter the Education Abroad site, University of Minnesota students may create a profile or move directly to your application. Non U of M students are not able to create a profile but may move right to the application.

The Education Abroad site will help applicants apply for ELTAP and track all of the steps necessary to complete the application process.

When you have completed the online application you will be asked to upload application materials from the checklist below to accompany your Education Abroad application for ELTAP.

If your application is accepted, a placement will be sought that is consistent with your proposed schedule and choice of country. In the event that it is not possible to fulfill your request, we will contact you before seeking an alternative placement.

Placements will be completed two months prior to the beginning of your assignment, though extenuating circumstances can alter this schedule.

In the online application, choose

  • University of Minnesota, Morris
  • Morris Center for International Programs
  • Study abroad since ELTAP is a “for credit” experience

In the Education Abroad system you will be asked about Sponsors, Programs, and Tracks

  • Sponsor refers to the University of Minnesota, Morris
  • Program refers to the education abroad offerings and are distinguished by program title, such as Global Student Teaching, Global Student Teaching Practicum, and English Language Teaching Assitant Program
  • Track refers to the name of the host country

Ready to Apply?

Please refer to the online application tutorial for further information and assistance.

Move ahead with your application by completing these two steps:

  1. Placement information

    Complete the placement information form indicating your major and other background information.

    Please return the placement information form as soon as possible via e-mail (, or via postal mail to the following address:

    Division of Education
    University of Minnesota, Morris
    600 East 4th Street
    Morris, MN 56267-2132
  2. Access the online application for Make sure you are on the “application” page, not the “profile” page.

Compile all other checklist items and upload them to the online application checklist once assigned, or send via postal mail.

Checklist for the English Language Teaching Assistant Program Application

  1. A typed autobiography

    Write a 2-3 page essay that will serve as your introduction to the educators in your host school. Summarize your background, interests, special talents, travel and work experiences, leadership positions, honors received, and aspects of your life that would help the people you will be working with know who you are. Explain why you have chosen to participate in ELTAP.

  2. Letters of recommendation

    Provide two letters (from teacher educators familiar with your work in education) speaking to your qualifications (initiative, perseverance, decision-making skills, written and oral expression, and intercultural communication competence) for completing student teaching in another country.

  3. A summary list of credits

    Compile a list of credits by subject area e.g. Chemistry 25 credits; Art 15 credits. Note special emphases in your coursework. People in other countries often find transcripts difficult to decipher. A summary list helps to clarify your teaching strengths.

  4. An official copy of your college transcript as required by University policy

    Ask that an official copy of your transcript be sent or request an official copy and send it with your other application materials.

  5. Letter from a parent or guardian approving your application

    If you are under 21 years of age, a letter from a parent or guardian indicating approval is required.

  6. To verify ELTAP prerequisites have been met, complete this form and have your advisor or an appropriate official at your College/University authorize your application.
  7. Criminal background check

    Complete a criminal background check and send a copy of the report as part of your application. More information on the criminal background check. Be sure to make a copy of the criminal background check to carry with you when you travel to your host school.

  8. Proof of classroom liability insurance

    Provide evidence that you have liability insurance for your work in the classroom. An example of liability insurance can be found at by following the “join now link” at the top of the page.

  9. Health form

    Complete and sign the health form.

  10. Insurance and emergency contact form

    Complete the insurance and emergency contact form.

    If you want to enroll in the University of Minnesota medical insurance plan for the semester you are abroad for ELTAP, complete the enrollment form.

    Submit the completed form(s) with your other ELTAP application materials by the application deadline.

  11. Release and Waiver form

    Initial, sign, and return the University of Minnesota Release and Waiver.

  12. Application fee

    Include a check for $300.00 payable in U.S. Dollars to the University of Minnesota Morris. The application fee will only be refunded if your application is not accepted by the program director or if a placement cannot be provided. (For fall 2011 and future applications, fees will be processed through the Education Abroad application system.)

  13. Confirmation and payment agreement form

    Complete, date, and sign the confirmation and payment agreement form. Submit it by following the directions at the bottom of the form.

  14. Flight itinerary

    After being admitted and informed about your placement, submit a copy of your original flight itinerary that includes your departure airline, city, date, and time as well as your return airline, city, date, and time. Do not e-mail a summary of your travel plans; send a copy of your flight itinerary.