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Ed 3011 Global Practicum

Ed 3011 Global Practicum: Building Intercultural Perspectives for PK–12 Educators

The Global Practicum provides students interested in PK–12 education an opportunity to experience PK-12 schools in an international setting. As observers and assistants to classroom teachers, participants build intercultural competence, compare and contrast educational systems, and reflect on teaching and learning in a culturally diverse setting.

Ed 3011 Global Practicum is part of Morris’s Global Student Teaching (GST) program. Like GST, Global Practicum participants become part of another culture and share knowledge of their culture and language with teachers and students in another country. The Global Practicum experience differs from GST in that it is a short-term international classroom experience in which participants observe and assist in school classrooms. It is appropriate for second- or third-year education students.

Global Practicum Placement Choices

Summer (4–10 weeks)

Prerequisites for Ed 3011 Global Practicum

Application Process

Students will use the same application procedure as those applying for GST. There is a $300 non-refundable application fee, due at the time of application.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Participants are charged for tuition at Morris and are responsible for arrangements and expenses associated with their travel and room and board; no fee/salary is paid to the participant. University of Minnesota students may use their financial aid for their Global Practicum expenses. Other colleges can arrange for their students to use financial aid.