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Get Ready to Travel!

The best way to stay safe and happy while traveling is to plan ahead. This will help you avoid travel related issues. Remember:

The following two documents help students, faculty and staff understand what is necessary and expected when traveling abroad for academic activities.

Here are some other resources that provide additional health, safety and travel information about your destination country.

Insurance Coverage

The University of Minnesota requires that all students travelling abroad on University program be enrolled in the University international travel insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). This coverage begins only when you leave the U.S. and ends upon your return to the U.S. All students are required to maintain their U.S. health insurance (whether through parents’ place of employment, a state program, or the University’s student health insurance), including hospitalization coverage, while abroad. Should you have an accident or illness overseas that requires long-term care once you return, your U.S. health insurance will provide coverage for these expenses.