University of Minnesota Morris

Why Global Student Teaching

You’ll see first–hand how cultural factors influence educational policies and practices. Some issues are the same across the world; others require strategies particular to a specific country and context. Working alongside experienced cooperating teachers, teacher candidates work with a diverse group of students and gain invaluable cultural experience. GST teacher candidates come to better understand their own beliefs and biases while they grow personally and professionally. You will better understand your profession in a global setting and gain the skills necessary to live and work in a multi–cultural setting.

What are the requirements for admission?

Participation requires high academic standards, completion of prerequisite courses, and the necessary preparation to teach abroad. Admission requires:

What placements are available?

Teacher candidate placements match their area of licensure. They are placed with experienced Cooperating Teachers and are supervised by qualified GST University Supervisors.

The duration of teacher candidates’ placements in the GST program vary depending on the requirements of the student’s home institution. The number of credits earned is dependent on the number of weeks of student teaching. Placements are available for fall, spring, and summer terms, based on location.

GST placements are available in Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and Spain.

What are the requirements of the program?

Cooperating Teachers and GST University Supervisors follow the University of Minnesota, Morris requirements for student teaching. The requirements may be adapted to meet the requirements of the teacher candidates’ home institution. Under the university’s guidelines, Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors observe and complete formal written evaluations of the teacher candidate. The number of formal evaluations is based on the number of weeks the teacher candidate is in the classroom. Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors prepare midterm and final assessment reports for the teacher candidate, which are submitted to the student’s home university.