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Program Changes

Since the 2001 visit, the Morris TEP has continued its focus on teaching excellence. Our commitment to preparing our graduates to advance student learning for all students in all places has been clarified and strengthened.

Substantive changes to the institution and unit include the following:

  • Jacqueline Johnson became the chancellor of the University of Minnesota, Morris, in July 2006.
  • Judy Kuechle became the chair of the Division of Education in Fall 2002.
  • Morris added two new majors: American Indian Studies and Environmental Studies.
  • Pamela Solvie, associate professor of education, became the interim director of the Morris Global Student Teaching Program (GST) and the Morris English Language Teaching Assistant Program (ELTAP).
  • A 4th tenure-line position in elementary education was added.
  • The K-12 Dance and Theatre Arts and K-12 German programs were discontinued.
  • Enrollment fluctuations at the institution and within the elementary and secondary education programs have been problematic, and we are working as a unit and with admissions to correct them. A new brochure highlights the benefits of teacher education at Morris.
  • In response to changes in Minnesota Board of Teaching rules and standards, the Morris TEP has adapted requirements for reading methods, content area reading, inclusive education for general education teachers, and subject matter understanding in all areas of licensure.
  • Morris TEP faculty developed and expanded the Analysis of Student Learning assignment for all candidates to complete during student teaching.
  • The Morris elementary education faculty initiated Rural-Urban Exchange program with colleagues and candidates from Chicago State University.
  • A secondary education faculty member is in the initial stages of creating a service-learning field experience in New Orleans.
  • Morris TEP faculty members have created program technology standards and have integrated technology into all courses.
  • Morris TEP held an Alumni Conference to encourage connections between our candidates and our graduates.
  • Morris TEP faculty have created new courses to serve candidates and students across campus:
    • Ed 2102: Introduction to Education in a Global Context
    • Ed 2201: Perspectives on Young Adult Literature: Schooling, Society, and Culture
    • Ed 2211: Issues and Current Trends in Literacy and Language Education
    • Ed 2301: Environmental Science and Place-Based Education
  • Teacher education candidates reactivated the Education Minnesota Student Program, now in its third year.