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Program Strengths

In the UMM Teacher Education Program, we know our candidates. Our support staff is incredibly responsive to candidate need and is skilled at organizing, storing, and tracking data. The APAS and candidate database are checked every semester, and candidates are informed of any problems. These alerts are shared with the discipline coordinators so that any necessary intervention or support can be started. Our data is relevant and meaningful. The assessments are part of a coherent system that candidates understand. Candidates have the opportunity to give feedback in the regular course assessments of teaching. The program has developed a culture that invites participation, idea-sharing, and student leadership.

We view our Analysis of Student Learning Assignment as a successful project. The process of its development exemplifies the UMM TEP method of assessment in that it was team planned, implemented, assessed, reviewed, and revised. We are in this work together.

We have improved in disseminating information, but this is a goal area. We are looking ahead to a Web site that has clear, appropriate, and ethical data reporting to interested parties.