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Program Strengths

Our commitment to diversity is evident in our teaching, service, and scholarship. In most classes, we have embedded readings, discussions, requirements, and activities related to teaching about diversity and to teaching within diversity. Despite our geographically isolated setting, our candidates are connected to the world with multiple opportunities offered—and taken—to work with all students all places. We have established connections to schools with diverse populations in our state, in neighboring South Dakota, in El Paso, and in Chicago. We continue to build our program and are moving forward with the Rural-Urban Chicago and New Orleans projects. Through the UMM Global Student Teaching program, our candidates can complete their student teaching in English-speaking classrooms in international settings. We are proud that we have embraced the spirit of UMM’s mission and that our candidates have developed intercultural competence and a global perspective.

We also view our commitment to multicultural education in homogeneous settings as a program strength. When they teach in white, monocultural schools (as they do for some of their multiple experiences), our candidates are required in their planning and instruction to bring ideas and information about other cultures to their students. We are pleased that our graduates report that they were well prepared in this area. We are proud of the success of our graduates, some of whom have become innovative leaders.

Faculty members conduct research related to diversity. A review of faculty research will reveal topics that include multicultural education, international studies, place-based education, whiteness, identity, power and class, advocacy and equity for parents, and learning styles. This work impacts faculty growth and understanding. It informs their instruction and benefits their students.