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UMM Web Photo Library

These photos are available for UMM Web page owners to use on UMM Web pages. Click on any directory name to view thumbnails of all images in that directory, or click on any image name to view the full-size image.

If you want to use a full-size photo exactly as is, without cropping it or changing its size, you may simply add an image link to your page to call the photo from its location within the UMM Web Photo Library.

If you'd like to crop or reduce the photo before you use it, then you should take your own copy of the photo to manipulate it. To do this, use your browser to display the photo you want, point your mouse to the photo, then right-click (Mac users: clic k and hold) and select "Save image" from the pop-up menu. Save a copy of the image to your hard disk. Use Microsoft Photo Editor, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, LView, or any other image editing software to work with the image. When you have the image the w ay you want it, save it on your hard disk, then use FTP to upload it to the Web directory where you plan to use it. Use the <img> tag to call it. It's strongly recommended that if you want to use a photo at a smaller size than its original size, use image editing software to reduce it -- do not reduce it in the browser using the <img height> and <img width> tags. Using these tags to call an image at any size other than its real size will cause the photo to look very jagged and messy, and it will be noticeable to users.

If you have photos you'd like to add to the library, or questions about using these photos, please contact the UMM Webmaster. Thank you.

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