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Academic Opportunities Expo

Tuesday, April 1st


Food Service Building


Door prizes to be given away

Learning Opportunities for Credit

Several of these opportunities may be applied to the degree requirements.
All of them can enrich your program. Talk with your adviser.

Areas of Concentration: Students may choose to complete an area of concentration instead of a major. Areas of concentration comprise courses from across the curriculum that can be thought of as belonging together. Prototypes for areas of concentration can be found on the Advising Web; they also can be designed individually through consultation with faculty.

Honors: Students may apply to participate in the Honors program, which includes honors courses, honors activities, and a senior honors project. Students who earn A's for half of their UMM credits graduate with honors.

Internships: A one semester or summer educational experience in a professional setting on or off campus, providing concrete field applications for theoretical classroom learning experiences. Internships are supervised by a UMM faculty supervisor and by an on-site professional. Internship (1-16 credits) credits apply to the 120 requirement and sometimes to the major. Students can arrange internships for pay or experience rather than credit.

National Student Exchange (NSE): is a University-level domestic student exchange program. NSE exchange sites include nearly 180 colleges in the US, its territories and Canada. NSE semester and year-long exchanges allow students to take courses not available on their home campuses, to explore career options, and to experience personal growth and intellectual discovery. Courses approved for transfer to UMM may apply to the GER, to some majors, and to the 120 credit degree requirement.

Service Learning: Service Learning is a classroom experience that engages students in hands-on academic projects in the community, developing problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Service Learning focuses on youth mentorships, elder partnerships, arts and culture opportunities, and on regional sustainable agriculture. Some course carry Gen Ed designations; all apply to the degree. Check the web for Service Learning courses.

Study Abroad: Ways for UMM students to study abroad include: UMM opportunities, such as the English Language Teaching Assistant Program (ELTAP) for students who want to teach English world-wide; Global Student Teaching (GST) for those wanting to student teach world-wide; short term study abroad programs in such places as Thailand, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, and Italy; exchanges with universities in Japan and Korea; UM opportunities, particularly through the Learning Abroad Center and programs affiliated with the University, such as the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). Study abroad courses approved in advance for transfer to UMM may apply to the GER, to some majors, and to the 120 credit degree requirement

Summer Term: UMM’s Summer Term offers a number of opportunities for students to accelerate their degree progress, make up lost credits, complete specific GERs, immerse themselves in a specific subject or complete their language requirement on campus or through study abroad. The Summer Term consists of the three-week May Session and two five-week Summer Sessions.

Learning Opportunities for Pay

Academic Peer Tutoring: Peer Tutors are UMM students who work with other students (one-on-one or in groups) to help them understand course material, prepare for tests, or organize for final projects.

Morris Academic Partners (MAPs):
Faculty nominate third year students to undertake assignments that enhance intellectual competence and increase interest in graduate or professional study. Students work with faculty and/or administrators in special research, teaching or administrative projects. A stipend of $2400 per year is awarded. Applications are due in March.

Morris Student Administrative Fellows Program: Academic and administrative staff select academically talented, qualified students to assist them in administrative and managerial projects. Selected students undertake assignments intended to enhance their intellectual competence and increase their interest in graduate or professional study. Stipend range is $500-$2000 per year.

UROP: The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is a competitive, merit-based program that offers financial awards to undergraduates for research, scholarly, or creative projects undertaken in partnership with a faculty member. UROP awards include stipends up to $1400 and expenses up to $300. Applications are due in early October and early March.

Other Learning Opportunities

Student Volunteerism: Unlocking your potential! This is at the center of the mission here at Community Service and Volunteerism. It is our intention to engage the University, its students, and faculty in positive community projects meant to broaden and strengthen the relationship with Morris and the surrounding area. This interaction fosters a better understanding between the school and town and improves student awareness of local issues and concerns

National Scholarships

Undergraduate Research Symposium:
The URS offers an opportunity to present your research , creative work and art performances to an audience that includes an audience beyond the limits of our campus.