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Language Proficiency:  Complete Fren 2002, Ger 2002, or Span 2002 or demonstrate proficiency through intermediate in one of the following language sequences through intermediate.  (Equivalent proficiency in European languages not offered at UMM may also be used to satisfy this requirement.)

                                                                                                                                                                Cr           Term

[Language] 2002 Intermediate II                                                                                                        4                             


Developing the Plan of Study

1.         Students will develop a coherent program and a plan of study in consultation with their major advisers.  Advisers will normally be faculty with a specialty in an appropriate area.  When the program and plan are approved by the advisers, they will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for information.

2.        Any directed study course for which an instructor is available is acceptable provided the subject matter is appropriate.

3.        The topics courses listed below as well as topics and seminar courses in other disciplines are acceptable provided the subject matter is appropriate.

4.        Students are encouraged to spend a period of time in Europe pursuing conventional coursework, independent studies, or other study abroad programs.

Total required credits = 48


48 additional credits from the following, with a maximum of 16 credits in any one discipline:

ArtH 1121           Renaissance to Modern Art                                                                                 4                              

ArtH 3131           Northern Renaissance Art                                                                                    4                              

ArtH 3151           High Renaissance Art                                                                                           4                              

ArtH 3161           16th-Century European Art                                                                                    4                              

ArtH 3171           Baroque Art                                                                                                            4                              

ArtH 3181           Rococo to Revolution                                                                                           4                              

ArtH 3201           19th- Century European Art through Post-Impressionism                               4                              

ArtH 3211           Early Modern Art: Symbolism to Surrealism                                                      4                              

ArtH 3281           Women and Art                                                                                                      4                              

                                                                                                                                 Subtotal credits in ArtH                  


Econ 4121           International Trade Theory                                                                                  2                              

                                                                                                                      Subtotal credits in Economics                  


Engl 2201            British Literature Survey I                                                                                     4                              

Engl 2202            British Literature Survey II                                                                                   4                              

Engl 3153            Gothic Literature                                                                                                     4                              

Englk 3155          English Fiction from Jane Austen to George Eliot                                            4                              

Engl 3156            Modern Irish Literature                                                                                         4                              

Engl 3157            English Renaissance Drama                                                                                 4                              

Engl 3159            Shakespeare                                                                                                            4                              

Engl 3162            Chaucer                                                                                                                    4                              

                                                                                                                            Subtotal credits in English                  


Fren 3011            Reading and Analysis of Texts                                                                            4                              

Fren 3015            French Culture I: Medieval and Early Modern France                                     4                              

Fren 3016            French Culture II: Modern and Contemporary France                                     4                              

Fren 3041            Francophone Worlds                                                                                            4                              

Fren 3051            French Literature I:  Medieval and Early Modern France                                4                              

Fren 3052            French Literature II:  Revolution, Romanticism, Modernity                            4                              

Fren 4991            Independent Study in French Abroad                                                                4                              

                                                                                                                            Subtotal credits in  French                  

Ger 3102              Survey of German Literature and Culture II                                                       4                              

Ger 3201              German Classicism                                                                                                 4                              

Ger 3211              German Romanticism                                                                                             4                              

Ger 3300              Variable Topics in German with English Discussion                                        4                              

Ger 3601              Studies in German Literature                                                                                4                              

                                                                                                                            Subtotal credits in German                  


Hist 3000            Variable Topics in History                                                                                    4                              

Hist 3100            Variable Topics in European History I                                                                4                              

Hist 3150            Variable Topics in European History II                                                              4                              

Hist 3200            Variable Topics in European National History                                                  4                              

                                                                                                                                 Subtotal History credits                  


Hum 1000           Variable Topics                                                                                                       4                              

Hum 1100           Variable Topics in Western World Literature                                                    4                              

Hum 1300           Variable Topics in French Literature and Culture                                             4                              

Hum 1451           German Literature in Film                                                                                      4                              

                                                                                                                     Subtotal credits in Humanities                  


Mus 1041           Introduction to Music                                                                                           4                              

Mus 3101           Core Studies III: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Music                       4                              

                                                                                                                               Subtotal credits in Music                  


Pol 1401              World Politics                                                                                                         4                              

Pol 3352              Political Thought:  Modern                                                                                  4                              

Pol 3421              International Organizations                                                                                  4                              

Pol 3502              Government and Politics of Europe                                                                     4                              

Pol 4301              Contemporary Political Ideologies                                                                      4                              

Pol 4452              International Relations Theory                                                                            4                              

                                                                                                           Subtotal credits in Political Science                  


Span 3201           Masterpieces of Spanish Peninsular Literature I                                              4                              

Span 3202           Masterpieces of Spanish Peninsular Literature II                                             4                              

Span 3500           Variable Topics in Spanish Peninsular Literature                                             4                              

                                                                                                                          Subtotal credits in  Spanish                  


Spch 3411           Intercultural Communication Theory and Research                                         4                              

                                                                                                                                   Total credits in Speech                  


Th 3000               Variable Topics in Theatre Arts                                                                         1-4                            

Th 3102               World Theatre:  History and Literature II                                                           4                              

                                                                                                                                  Total credits in Theatre                  



                                                                                                                                Anticipated total credits