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A roster of your current advisees is found here. Access to APAS, complete term and cumulative academic records, view student holds and send individual or group email from this site. (x.500 log-in required)

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Advising Calendar

Big events in the advising cycle are highlighted here. This recommended time line provides a baseline for advising events throughout the year. Add your own!

Adviser Handbook

This on-line version of the handbook provides the framework for the advising program. Information periodically updated will be posted here and can be added to the print copies of the handbook you have at your desk.

Advising Defined

As part of their teaching responsibilities, the faculty have the primary responsibility for advising.

Adviser Responsibilities


Advising resources supplied by the National Academic Advising Association.

Policies and Archived Materials

Documents related to the foundation of the advising program at UMM.