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Advising Calendar

This is a suggested advising timeline. At a minimum, advisers should meet with advisees at these times and may schedule additional meetings as they are needed.

Meet with your new advisees at the scheduled session during Orientation. Assist students in becoming familiar with academic life. Keep in touch with returning students to monitor progress.

Reconnect with new and returning advisees. Check in to see how their classes are going and remind students about drop/add dates.

Contact new advisees and invite them to meet with you to plan for spring semester. Contact students who receive academic alerts and make referrals as needed. Encourage seniors to complete the on-line graduation application and advising survey. All students should register during their assigned registration time.

Welcome students back for the semester. Check fall semester grades and contact advisees who may need to change class schedules.


Time for annual planning. Contact advisees and review academic goals with them to make a plan for the coming year; sophomores are encouraged to lay out a two-year plan. All first and second year students with fewer than 60 credits must meet with their adviser. All returning students should register for Fall classes now.

Remind seniors to complete their advising survey if not already done. All returning students should register before leaving campus in May.