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Advising Defined

Definition of Advising
"Advising is a developmental process, which assists students in the clarification of their life/career goals and in the development of education al plans for the realization of these goals. It is a decision-making process, which assists students in realizing their maximum educational potential through communication and information exchanges with an adviser; it is ongoing, multi-faceted, and the responsibility of both student and adviser. The adviser serves as a facilitator of communication, a coordinator of learning experiences through course and career planning and program progress review, and an agent of referral to other campus services as necessary." David S. Crockett

Characteristics of Advising

advisers facilitate the bond between the student and the institution. They are integral to student success and retention. advisers are the only structured on-going one-to-one interaction initiated by the college. But it is more than scheduling classes: it is helping students understand themselves and connecting them to the resources of the University and bridges academics with the world of work.

Personal Characteristics of the adviser

  • Is interested in being an effective adviser
  • Listens constructively
  • Attempts to understand student's point of view
  • Views advising as an opportunity to teach
  • Is knowledgeable about campus resources and makes referrals as needed.
  • Sets time aside to adequately meet the advising needs of the student
  • Knows campus policies and communicates them to advisees
  • Shares advising skills with colleagues

Adviser Responsibilities


The foundation for the UMM Advising Program is outlined here. The responsibility for advising students is considered to be a part of the faculty's teaching responsibility. The attached links provide a historical basis for the program and show that this position has been strengthened over time.

1970 Policy
1975 Policy
1980 Policy
1998 Policy
1999 NCA Report
Assessment of Advising