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Annual Planning

What is Annual Planning

This is UMM's spring advising event for all students. It is the students’ chance to create a long range plan for their academic program. They will meet with their adviser to discuss goals, choose classes and explore options that will help them meet personal goals. Students who have completed fewer than 60 credits are required to meet with their advisers to develop a plan before registering for Fall classes. Juniors are encouraged to plan for graduation.

On this page you will find all the information you need to assist your advisees with this important planning process. Click on any of the following items or scroll down for details.

Using the Resources
Recording advisee plans
Release holds
Register on time
Additional information

Resources for advisers

Using these planning resources:

My active advisees: Your advisee roster and complete academic information for each student is available here.

  1. Sort the roster: in the large gray section at the top, you will see an ENROL STATUS box - use the drop down and select "enrl" and hit the submit button.
  2. The roster will now show only your currently enrolled advisees; you may further sort by # of credits completed - click the “total units earned” tab on the roster header.

Links within “my active advisee”include:

  • Registration holds – holds that will prevent your advisees from registering are listed here
  • Graduation Planner – a student initiated academic planning tool that brings student records, APAS and catalog information together./li>
  • APAS – degree audit detailing progress on degree completion (GERs and major). (Tip: use the APAS feature within Grad Planner so that planned courses will show in the report.)You may want to ask your advisees to bring a current copy of their APAS in with them. Please contact us of if we can be of assistance.
  • Registration appointment times – queued registration details for all advisees is listed here.
  • These electronic tools allow for a paperless process.

Recording your advisee’s plan

  1. Preferred Method: Use Graduation Planner ! Email your advisees early and suggest that they submit a plan in Grad Planner before they make their advising appointments. You can view their proposal before your appointment or you can ask them to bring a copy and bring it with them to your meeting. (Tip: use the APAS feature within Grad Planner so that planned courses will show in the report.)
  2. Also helpful: Use the traditional paper/pencil annual planning forms. Access and download paper forms from our web site.
  3. .

Release advising holds

Students who are required to do annual planning (60 or fewer completed credits) have an advising hold on their record. You may release this hold after your meeting by email to: . Please include the name and ID# of the students promptly so that the holds are released and students can register without delay.

Encourage your advisees to register on time

Students may self-register online or in person at the Registrar’s Office on or soon after their assigned queue time for best class selection. Please encourage students to use the wait list option if courses they want are filled.

Additional information

Summer Session courses
For students who want to complete GERs, make up lost credits or accelerate their degree progress, the Summer Term (May and Summer sessions) offers a number of great course options.