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Assessment of Advising

Freshman Assessment
Criteria for the evaluation of an objective and anonymous freshman advising, proposed by an advising assessment subcommittee of the Scholastic Committee, have been in place since 1999. The assessment form is given to all freshmen during the final weeks of the fall term in First Year Seminar. Results are reported to the campus community in spring
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Assessment of Advising in the Major
The advising assessment subcommittee developed criteria for assessing advising in the major. Students evaluate their assigned advisers as part of the application for graduation. The purpose is to provide individual advisers with qualitative and quantitative feedback about their advising and to provide UMM with an assessment of the nature of advising at the upper division level. To protect students' identities, completed evaluations are distributed to faculty in batches of at least five. Advisers may use the information in the faculty review process as they consider appropriate. General tabulations will be shared with the campus community.
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