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Step 2 - Investigate and Gather Information

Compare what you learned about your interests, skills and values to the majors and programs at UMM. This section gives you information about each of our majors, self-designed majors, minors, and pre-professional programs. Are the things you learned about yourself in Step 1 compatible with the majors you see here? Take a look!

A. Review the online major outlines. This will show you what courses are required for each program. Given your interests, skills and values, do some of them seem like a better fit than others?
  • Do you have a real interest for taking these courses?
  • Are you motivated to do well in them?
  • Start eliminating programs and identify which ones you want to explore further.

B. Understand the degree requirements and understand how long it will take to finish this program. Review four-year plans for each program here.

C.  Preview how your credits are applied to our degree by using UMM’s degree audit system, APAS. This program is helpful to determine how your credits can be used for different majors by selecting the “what if” feature.

D. Discover how your liberal arts degree will help you develop many skills that can be applied to a wide variety of careers.

E. What kind of jobs do UMM graduates get with their majors? The UMM Career Center provides helpful two helpful sites on majors and their connection to career options:

“What Can I do with a major in....
“Your Career: A major decision”

The Career Center also has an extensive library with a many excellent sources of career information. Stop by their office, 2nd floor Behmler Hall and check it out!

TAKE ACTION: Complete the Academic Focus worksheet and Major Checklist. Keep it as part of your personal journal and/or use in consultation with your adviser.

Academic Focus Worksheet and Major Checklist