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My Active Advisees

What information will I find at "My Active Advisees?"

The first page of the site (the Index Page) gives a graph view of your current advising load. Click on the blue block for a list of advisees by major.

From the Index Page you can access the following reports (click on the report links in upper right hand corner):

  • Advisee Roster - your advisees listed alphabetically
  • get individual students full academic record by clicking on the student ID number.
  • Midterm Alerts - lists advisees who have received Midterm Alerts
  • Registration Holds - list of advisees with service indicators on their records that prevent them from registering
  • No Enrollment - check to see who has not registered yet
  • Leave of Absence - lists advisees who have requested official Leave of Absence

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What students are considered "active?"

In keeping with the UMM readmit policy, students are kept active until there has been no registration for two consecutive semesters, excluding summer (even if they have left the University).

How current is the information?

The date of the data is listed in the upper right-hand corner of the reports. Typically it is as of the close of business the previous day.

Access "My Active Advisees" through Portfolio

The link below will take you to the Portfolio log-in from this site. In the future, the quickest way to Portfolio/APAS is the link on the Advising Home Page. After you click on Portfolio, log in to adviser view. On View page, click on "My Advisee Reports."

The information in these reports is private student data. You are given access to your advisees’ information because you have been assigned as an individual adviser by the UMM Advising Office. This information is to be used for advising purposes only and may not be released to a third party.

Questions about FERPA and private student data? Contact
Clare Dingley at 6026 or
Brenda Boever at 6466 or