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PSEO Student Program

What is the PSEO program?

The Minnesota State Legislature adopted the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEO) in 1985. It allows high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college-level courses; the State Department of Education pays for the tuition and books for the students enrolled in the program.

Special characteristics of PSEO students:

1. Minnesota high school juniors and seniors enrolled in public, private or home schools are eligible to participate in this college-level enrichment program.

2. Typical PSEO students are exceptional students who have exhausted the academic resources available in their high schools and are looking for an academic challenge.

3. As a younger than average college student, PSEO students are expected to demonstrate the emotional maturity level necessary to compete in a college environment.

4. Students may enroll full or part-time. Approximately 40 PSEO students are currently enrolled at UMM.

5. PSEO students are welcome to participate in any of UMM's extra-curricular activities with the exception of varsity level athletics and some theater productions.

Resources for PSEO students:

1. Individualized academic advising is provided for each PSEO student enrolled at UMM. All students meet with the PSEO adviser prior to each registration period and all course registrations and schedule changes must be approved by the adviser.

2. The PSEO adviser will serve as a liaison for you and your high school to ensure that you are able to fully take advantage of the benefits of the PSEO program.

3. Tutoring and personal counseling services, as well as a full range of student services, are available. PSEO students, like all other UMM students, are encouraged to use these resources to enhance their academic performance.

4. On-campus housing is available for those PSEO students who need it.

PSEO Candidates Should Consider:

1. Discuss your plan to enroll as a PSEO student with your high school counselor. Identify which courses you need to fulfill your high school graduation requirements and whether or not it is possible to register for them at UMM.

2. Talk to your parents. Is enrolling in the program right for you? Are you ready for college? How does it affect your high school connections such as extra-curricular, academics and friends?

3. Be aware that the courses you take and the grades you receive in PSEO courses are part of your permanent University of Minnesota record.

4. Be flexible when considering which courses to take. Space is limited in some courses. UMM cannot guarantee that you will be able to register for specific courses.

PSEO forms:

1. Students who wish to enroll at UMM under the PSEO program must complete the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program Notice of Student Registration form each term. When completed, the student's participation in the program is acknowledged by the high school, State Department of Education and UMM. This form is available from both your high school guidance counselor and UMM.

2. All students who enroll at a Minnesota college for more than one course must provide proof of immunization by completing the University of Minnesota, Morris Immunization Record during your first term of enrollment. This form is available at UMM and should be returned to the UMM Health Services office.

PSEO Program Notice of Student Registration


For questions concerning the UMM PSEO program, please contact:

  • Chlene Anderson, PSEO Student Adviser
    314 Behmler Hall, 320-589-6461