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Sample Registration Emails from Advisers to Advisees

The Advising Office will provide email addresses of advisees to each adviser during the third week of the term. Many advisers use email to contact their advisees about spring registration and about annual planning. The letters that follow have common threads: invite your advisees to meet with you; provide information about when you're available; let advisees know if you have preparation expectations of them.


Student colleagues:

I thought I would write a note to you about registration which is coming up soon. I have office hours on MWF at 2:15 and I am also available most T-Th mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 noon. Office: HUM 114. My office phone is 6255 and my home phone is 585-4673. I welcome calls at either place. The best way to reach me is e-mail: <>, as I check that every day.

Please consult with me regarding your educational plans or about any problem that you are having with registration during the process.

Tom Turner, Coordinator Spanish Program


Yo, advisees,

Spring is Here! At least for a bit. And it is time to start thinking about the coming summer (a job, internship, research experience, study abroad??), the coming year (what courses to take) - or for you lucky seniors - jobs, grad school, no more UMM--in other words, your future plans!

Please sign up for an advising session with me sometime in the next two weeks. There is a sign-up sheet outside my office door in Science 1360. Come with ideas on what courses you would like to take next year. We can also plan for all four years, if you wish, just to convince ourselves that there is life after UMM.

This is also a good time to think about minors, changing majors or minors, getting that summer job, creating or updating a resume, an internship, a research experience, applying to graduate schools, exploring what you need for a promising future career.

We will see you soon,