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Step 1 - Self Assessment & Discovery


A. Complete your personal assessment

Think about the things you like...and don't like. What are you good at? What things interest you? What is important or defines your values? All of these things play a role in determining your choice for a major and life path.

In this section, you will assess: your interests, skills and values.

: Complete each inventory, print and keep as part of your personal journal and/or use in consultation with your adviser.

B. Career assessment tools

  • Coming Soon - currently under construction

Review your skills, interests and values and using the results of your career assessment, compare it with the observations you made about your interests, skills and values.

Review and compare

C.  Combining what you learned

TAKE ACTION: Find out more about yourself and the person you want to be. Complete your personal assessment and discover what you learned.

What I learned