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Tips For Success

*Go to class-every day.
It sounds simple, but the #1 reason for poor class performance is skipping class. It is your job to be there!

*Avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

Understand the degree requirements and all University policies. Do not make assumptions or accept hearsay. Dropping, adding or taking incompletes in courses will affect your academic standing. You adviser can help you understand how requirements and policies affect your individual academic and financial situation.

*Get to know your professors.
Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to and learn from your professors. Do not be shy or intimidated. Ask questions. Know how to contact them.

*Balance school with the rest of your life.
Know how much time it will take to do well in your classes. If you work, try not to over-extend yourself so that you lose excessive study time. Remember to get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat well.

*Pay attention to academic warnings.
The faculty and staff are concerned about your well-being. If you get a message regarding poor academic performance, take it seriously. Check in with your adviser and professors to see what you can do to improve your class standing.

*Develop good study habits.
The quality of your study time is important, not just the quantity of it. Read and understand how concepts are applied to life situations. Avoid cramming. Get help if you don’t understand; talk to professors, TAs or visit the Academic Assistance Center for free tutoring.

*Get involved and have fun.
You learn a lot and can develop skills by getting involved in student organizations. Everyone needs a break from studying-go have some fun, then hit the books again.