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New Students and Transfer Credit

Do you have credit from other Colleges?

Many students come to UMM with college level credits completed before they graduated from high school. Students must take responsibility for providing official copies of all transcripts for college level courses taken. This includes PSEO, CIS (College in the Schools), AP, IB, CLEP or any other transfer credit.

How to report your transfer credit from other Colleges

Contact the college to request official copies of your transcripts to be sent directly to the UMM Admissions Office. New students should plan ahead! Transcripts must be received as soon as possible but no later than 2 weeks before your scheduled registration session.

High School transcripts listing college courses are not accepted.

Tips on getting your College credit transferred to UMM

  • Understand what college offered your credits. If you have taken your course(s) through your high school, ask your HS guidance counselor which college these credits are from.
  • Credits from more than one college? You are required to get official transcripts from each college that granted credit.
  • Requesting transcripts. Contact the Registrar’s Office at that college and ask them to send an official copy of your transcript to:

    University of Minnesota, Morris
    Office of Admissions
    600 E 4th St.
    Morris, MN 56267

  • Why is this important? The courses you have already taken are an important part of planning and completing your UMM degree.
    • We need to know what courses you have already taken and how they “fit” into a UMM degree before you register. We want to help you avoid the situation of repeating courses you already took because you cannot get credit for the same course twice.
    • By providing your transcript early, it allows us to give you the best academic planning advice possible and avoid planning mistakes.
  • Don’t know if we’ve received it? After you contacted your previous college and asked for transcripts to be sent to UMM, it will take some time to be recorded on your APAS-UMM’s degree audit system. If your transfer credit does not appear on your APAS by the beginning of your first semester, please double check with our Admissions Office to be sure that your transcripts have been received by UMM.