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Your Adviser

Connections between students and faculty outside the classroom contribute to a successful college experience. Faculty advisers help with academic planning and encourage students to explore their interests in the liberal arts. Advisers can help students enhance their college experience by setting goals, talking about different ways to meet your requirements and considering how students choices affect major and career options.
Students are assigned to faculty advisers in their field of interest. First and second year students are required to meet with their adviser before registering for each semester: freshman for their sophomore year, and sophomores for their final two years.

Changing Your Adviser

Prior to your first semester at UMM, you are asked to identify which majors interest you the most. This choice (including "undecided" or area of concentration) is entered into the computer system and used to generate APAS reports. The Advising Office staff assign you an adviser with expertise in your area of interest.

If you develop new academic interests or find a faculty member with whom you develop a special rapport, an adviser change is appropriate. Faculty may also request a change. To have the appropriate APAS report and adviser assignment on record an Adviser/Major Change form must be completed.

Changing advisers requires the signature of the new adviser; if that faculty member's load is particularly high, s/he may ask you to wait until the end of the semester to make the change or refer you to another faculty member in that discipline.

The Adviser Change Form is available on-line or can be picked up in the Advising Office. The form must be returned to the Advising Office. Changes will be reflected after overnight system updates.