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Your Responsibilities

  • Meet with your adviser at least once each semester
  • Check your UMM email and post office box daily
  • Learn to read your APAS
  • Promptly inform your adviser of changes to your major and any concerns about your program
  • Make and be responsible for your own decisions
  • Observe the following deadlines:
    • Cancel or A/F-S/N change
    • Withdraw (W on transcript)
  • Know the requirements for staying in good standing
  • Attend Advising Events
  • FERPA - Student Records Privacy

Required meetings with adviser

  • During orientation
  • In November to register for spring (adviser holds for freshman and sophomores must be released before registering)
  • In March, freshmen plan for the sophomore year; sophomores plan for the junior and senior years (adviser's hold must be released before registering)
  • As needed

Registration Policies

  1. Faculty signatures are required for registrations in open courses after the first week of class. After the second week of the term, Scholastic Committee approval is required for all registrations other than Directed Study.
  2. Changes in the grade base (A/F to S/N or S/N to A/F) of full semester and first 7.5 week courses must be made within the first two weeks of the semester. Changes after the second week require Scholastic Committee approval for all registrations other than Directed Study.
  3. Students may withdraw from a full semester or half-semester course without penalty through the 2nd week of the semester. A symbol of W (Withdraw) is given beginning in the 3rd week. Withdrawal after the 9th week for full semester and 4th week for half-semester courses requires the permission of the Scholastic Committee and may not be made for academic reasons. Students should be advised to consider academic and financial implications before canceling courses. See withdrawal and cancel/add policies.