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Faculty Center Library

The Faculty Center is a quiet place to read, relax, or hold group meetings. Enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee, browse our library stacks, watch a faculty development video, or use the PowerMac!

      The Faculty Center Libary is alphabetically arrranged by code and title. All materials are coded specifically by their content. Our library has books , journals , articles , videotapes , audiotapes , and other materials relevant to faculty development.

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Content Categories Include:
AAE - Assessment & Evaluation
LAE - Liberal Arts Education
ALG - Active Learning
MEN - Mentoring
CPL - Cultural Pluralism/Literacy
MISC - Miscellaneous
CRG - Critical Reasoning
RCM - Racism
CWG - College Writing
SEL - Service Learning
ETH - Ethics
SXM - Sexism
FDT - Faculty Development
TEC - Technology in Teaching
FWP - Faculty Writing & Publication
TEN - Tenure
IDT - Institutional Development
TFL - Teaching Foreign Languages
INS - International Studies
TTT - Teaching Tips/Techniques
JFD - Junior Faculty Development
UNR - Undergraduate Research
JNL - Journals
WIS - Women's Issues


In addition, we have done many searches thrroughout our library and have prepared lists of our holdiings on the following topics of interest:

Most materials may be checked out at the front desk for the duration of one semester. New acquisitions may be borrowed for four weeks, and videos for one week. If you have any questions, please e-mail Linda Pederson or call us at 589-6273; we are located in Blakely 10.