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Books On Mentoring

Mentoring/Developing Successful New Teachers Theresa M. Bey/ C. Thomas Holmes, Editors. Association of Teacher Educators. 1990. MEN.BTM.BKS

Mentoring for the 1990's and Beyond: New Perspectives On An Old Way to Move Ahead University of Minnesota Commission on Women. University of Minnesota. Aug 1994 MEN.COW.BKS.1,2

Enhancing Faculty Careers Jack Schuster, Daniel Wheeler & Associates. Josey-Bass Publications Mentoring: For Career Development pp. 28,33 For Faculty Renewal p. 57 Midcareer Faculty p. 180 For Young Faculty pp. 178, 179, 265-266 FDT.SJH.BKS

The New Faculty Member Robert Boice. Josey-Bass Inc. 1992. Part II #5: Mentoring to Build Collegiality JFD.BR.BKS

New Directions for Teaching and Learning/ Mentoring Revisited: Making an Impact on Individuals and Institutions. #57. Marie Winsch Editor. Josey-Bass Publications. Spring 1994JNL.WM.57

Faculty as Teachers Maryellen Weimer. NCPTLA. 1993."Lessons learned working with Faculty" pp. 45-47 "The Power of ‘Colleagues’ and ‘Campuses’ in Promoting Faculty Developement as Teachers" pp. 53-55. AAE.WM.BKS

What Works/Building Collaborative Learning Experiences Penn State Continuing and Distance Education. 1994 "Working Together Works, Part 1: Faculty Development as Collaborative Learning" pp. 233-4 "Working Together Works, Part 1: Departmental TA Training and Development as Collaborative Learning" pp. 235-6ALG.NCTLA .BKS

Teaching Tips - Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers Wilbert J. McKeachie. D.C. Heath and Company. 1994 (9th Edition) Mentoring pp.229-230TTT.MWJ.BKS

Teach Improvement Practices/ Successful Strategies for Higher Education. W. Alan Wright & Associates. Anker Publishing Company. 1995. Pgs. 1-57, 245, 251, 264, 283-306, 330. TTT.WWA.BKS


"Academic Mentoring & Family Medicine's Research Productivity," John C. Rogers, Richard L. Halloway ( Family Medicine, May/June 1990 ) From the Department of Family Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX MEN.RJC.HRL.ART.1

Academic Mentoring for Women Students and Faculty: "A New Look at an Old Way to Get Ahead." Bernice Resnick Sandler ( From the series: Project on the Status & Education of Women ) Written by: Roberta M. Hall, Associate Director of Programs and Bernice R. Sandler, Executive Director. MEN.SBR.ART.1

"Scientific Forum / Mentoring amd Adult Career Development The Evolution of a Theory," Ann D. Carden ( The Counseling Psychologist /April 1990 ) MEN.CAD.ART.1

"Mentoring Between Academic Women: The Capacity for Interdependence," Linda Johnsrud ( Assistant Professor of Education, University of Hawaii, submitted to Psychology of Women Quarterly, in Review ) MEN.JL.ART.1

"Mentoring Relationships and The Academic Work Environment" Deborah L. Fowler ( Journal of NAWDAC, Spring 1982 ) MEN.FDL.ART.1

"Two Opportunities for Mentoring: A Study of Women's Career Development In Higher Education Administration," Elizabeth Mcneer ( Journal of NAWDAC, Fall 1983, Volume 47.No.1 ) MEN.ME.ART.1

List of Resources Cows Task Force on Faculty/ Staff Orientation Development and Mentoring MEN.XX.ART.1


The Journal of Staff, Program and Organization Development Vol. 12, No. 2, Fall 1994. Pg. 113 Mentoring

Teaching From a Multicultural Perspective; Survival Skills for Scholars Vol. 12 Pg. 14 and pgs. 70-71 Chapters 5&6

The Journal of Staff, Program, and Organization Development Vol. 12, No. 1. Summer 1994. Pg. 41 Mentoring

New Directions for Teaching and Learning/ Teaching Through Academic Advising: A Faculty Perspective. Alice G. Reinarz, Eric R. White, Editors. No. 62, Summer 1995. Ch. 9. Mentoring

College Teaching: Special Section Science and Mathematics Vol. 42/ No. 2. spring 1994 Page 72 Mentoring

Liberal Education Faculty Development: The New Frontier Vol. 80/ No. 4, Fall 1994 pgs. 16-21

To Improve the Academy Vol 14, 1995 Section II, Faculty Collaboration and Collegiality, Peers Coaching Teaching ...(p. 107-123) Improving Teaching Through Reflective Partnerships (p.125-134) The Case for Instructional Mentoring (p.143-155)

Empowering the Faculty/Mentoring Redirected and Renewed. Gaye Luna & Deborah L. Cullen, Editor. ASHE-ERIC Higher Ed. Reports, #3, 1995. MEN.LG.JNL

Faculty Job Satisfaction/Women and Minorities in Peril. Matha W. Tack & Carol L. Patitu, Editors. ASHE-ERIC Higher Ed. Reports, #4, 1992. P.85-86.FDT.TWM.JNL