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Books on Teaching Portfolios

The Teaching Portfolio. Peter Seldin. Anker Publishing Company, Inc. 1991. TTT.SP.BKS.1or2

Assessing Faculty Work/ Enhancing Individual and Institutional Performance. Larry A. Braskamp & John C. Ory. Jossey-Bass Publishers. 1994.
Chapter 17: Records and PortfoliosFDT.BLA.BKS
The Teaching Initiative/ Campus Use of the Teaching Portfolio Edited by Erin Anderson. The American Association for Higher Education. 1991. FDT.AE.JNL.1

Junior Faculty Development, A Handbook. Donald K. Jarvis. The Modern Language Asssociation of America. 1991.
Chapter 4: No Publicity, No Prosperity: The Art of the Dossier JFD.JDK.BKS
Improving A College/University Teaching Evaluation System: A Comprehensive Developmental Curriculum for Faculty & Administrators. (2 copies) Alliance Publishing. 1995.
Teaching Portfolio 101 and 102
Teaching Tips - Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers Wilbert J. McKeachie. D.C Heath and Company. 1994 (9th Edition)
Teaching Portfolio p.336, Documentation of activities with a portfolio pp.246-247 TTT.MWJ.BKS
Serving on Promotion and Tenure Committees - A Faculty Guide Robert M. Diamond. Anker Publishing Company, Inc. 1994
The Professional Portfolio p.18TEN.DRM.BKS
Teaching Within the Rhythms of the Semester Donna Killian Duffy & Janet Wright Jomes. Jossey-Bass, Inc. 1995
Teaching Portfolios pp. 14-21FDT.DDK.BKS
Teaching Improvement Practices/ Successful Strategies for Higher Education. W. Alan Wright & Associates. Anker Publishing Company. 1995.
Pgs: 19-20, 237-254, 302, 320, 338, 348. TTT.WWA.BKS


College Teaching: Mastering the Dreaded Diversity Discussion Vol.43/ No.3, Summer 1995
Page 82 Teaching Portfolio
The Journal of Staff, Program, and Organization Development Vol. 11. No. 4. Spring 1994.
Pg, 235 Teaching Portfolios
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching Milton D. Cox, Laurie Richlin; Editors. Miami University. 1994
Pg. 95 Portfolio
Journal of Higher Education Robert J. Silverman Editor. Sept/Oct 1994
Pg. 555 Portfolio
The Journal of Staff, Program, and Organization Development Karron G. Lewis, Editor. Vol.13/1, 1995-96
Page 15, Portfolios
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching Milton D. Cox, Editor. Miami University. Vol. 6, No. 1, 1995
Pg. 45-End Portfolio
New Directions For Teaching & Learning/ Using Active Learning Tracey E. Sutherland & Charlces C. Bonwell, Editors. Jossey-Bass Publishers. No. 67, Fall 1996.
Pg. 85 portfolio


Enhancing and Evaluating College Teaching. Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education. Produced by Old Dominion University. 1996.