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Books on Women' Issues

Women, Democracy, and Citizenship, Boundries and Borderlands: The Search for Recognition and Community in America.
Seminar 5 (2 copies)MISC.XX.BIB
Interdisciplinary Courses and Team Teaching James R. Davis. American Council on Education. Oryx Press. 1995.
Ch 7, p 218 Women’s and Gender Studies. IDT.DJR.BKS
Sucess and Survival Strategies for Women Faculty Members. Bernice Resnick Sandler. May 1992.WIS.SBR.ART

The Journal of Higher Education "The Value of Attending a Women’s College: Education, Occupation, and Income Benefits." July/Aug 1994.
The Journal of Higher Education "Betrayed by the Academy: The Sexual Harassment of Wome College Faculty" Mar/Apr 1996
P. 149-173JNL.BLL.4/96
The Journal of Higher Education "Research, Teaching, and Service: Why Shouldn’t Women’s Work Count?" Jan/Feb 1996
Pgs. 46-84.JNL.BLL.2/96
The Journal of Higher Education "Women -Only Colleges: Some Unanticipated Consequences" Nov/Dec 1995
Pgs. 641-668.JNL.BLL.12/95
The Journal of Higher Education July/Aug 1995.
"Women Science Majors: What Makes a Difference in Persistence After Graduation?" pgs. 388-414. "Doctoral Advisement Relationships Between Women; On Friendship & Betrayal" pgs 447-469.JNL.BLL.8/95
The Journal of Higher Education May/June 1995.
"Paths to Success: Factors Related to the Impact of Women’s Colleges" Pgs. 245-266. "Women and Minority Faculty Job Satisfaction: Professional Role Interests, Professional Satisfactions, and Institutional Fit" Pgs. 267-293.JNL.GPJ.6/95
The Journal of Higher Education Mar/Apr 1995.
"U.S. Women in Science and Engineering, 1960-1990: Progress Toward Equity?" Pgs. 213-234. JNL.BLL.4/95
The Journal of Higher Education Nov/Dec 1994.
"College as a Gendered Experience: An Empirical Analysis Using Multiple Lenses" Pgs. 696-725 JNL.SRJ.12/94
The Journal of Higher Education Sept/Oct 1994.
"Poor Single Mother Colleges Students’ Views on the Effect of Some Primary Sociological and Psychological Belief Factors on Their Academic Success." Pgs. 571-584. JNL.BLL.10/94
The Journal of Staff, Program, and Organization Development "Mentoring, Counseling, and Advisin: A Coordinated Approach for Re-Entry and NonTraditional Women."
pgs. 185-196.JNL.LKG.13/3.2
The Journal of Staff, Program, and Organization Development. "Women as New Professors: Exploring Gender Conciousness"
Pgs. 31-40.JNL.LKG.12/1
Liberal Education Vol 70, No 3. "Anatomy of a Course: Program Keys in Success for Women and Minorities"
Pgs. 44-50.JNL.LRS.79/3
Women’s Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind. Basic Books, Inc. 1986.WIS.BMF.BKS

Students at the Center: Feminist Assessment. Caryn McTighe Musil, Editor WIS.MCM.BKS.

Lifting a Ton of Feathers: A Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Academic World. Paula J. Caplan.WIS.CPJ.BKS

Plain and Ordinary Things: Reading Women in the Writing Classroom. Deborah Anne Dooley. WIS.DDA.BKS

Liberal Education and the New Scholarship on Women: Issues and Contraints in Institutional Change.WIS.XX.BKS

Guide to Improving the Campus Climate for Women. Commision on Women. WIS.COW.BKS

The Classroom Climate: A Chilly One for Women? WIS.HRM.ART

In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development. Carol Gilligan WIS.GC.ART

Scheduling Motherhood. Chronicle of Higher Education, March 10th, 1995. WIS.WR.ART

Strategies and Attitudes: Women in Educational Administration. Patricia A. Farrant, Editor.WIS.FDA.ART

Faculty Job Satisfaction/Women and Minorities in Peril. Martha W. Tack & Carol L. Patitu, Editors. ASHE-ERIC Higher Ed. Reports, #4. 1992. FDT.TMW.JNL