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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for January 29, 2002
4 PM Faculty Center
Humanities Annex

Present:   Harold Hinds (Chair), Stacey Parker Aronson, Bert Ahern, Gordon McIntosh

Absent:   Doug Reese, Mike Rea, Cyrus Pansch

The meeting began with the unanimous approval of the 12/11/01 FDC minutes.

Faculty Seminars
Hinds distributed copies of a memo from Tom Turner detailing the Faculty Seminar purpose and budgets.  The purpose of the memo is to formalize the process of delivering the seminars and to project a budget.  Turner, in his memo, briefly described each seminar: Tenure Tracking: The First Six Years, Mid-Career Seminar, and Planning for Capstone Career Experience.  The memo indicated that there will be only one seminar per year, and listed a budget for each seminar.   Turner will be asked to attend the FDC meeting on February 12, at which time the budget proposal will be discussed.  Ahern said that the deadline for submitting the Faculty Center budget is late February, and that Turner's budget proposal should be included in the overall budget of the Faculty Center.

Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP)
Copies of the Faculty Enrichment Program call for application, guidelines, mid-year, and year-end reports were distributed for review.    Hinds referred to the fourth paragraph pertaining to the Bush Foundation Instructional Technology Grant, Ahern said that there is money available for the upcoming year.   Hinds said that there is a great variance of applicants, noting that one year the amount was reduced to allow for more participants.  Members discussed changes that would be needed which include date change, criteria, and that both tenured and non-tenured faculty would be included.  It would also be indicated that tenure track faculty would be given priority in the selection process.  Ahern will draft a separate memo for the Mid-Career Faculty Technology Program.  The Faculty Center will send out the Faculty Enrichment Program memo.

Hinds asked for discussion of topics for the Fall Faculty Retreat.  He noted that the FDC committee helps in deciding the topic and speaker, but the Faculty Center is responsible for arranging the event and supplies the committee with the information.  McIntosh said that he sent out a memo to his colleagues, and the first choice was Political Correctness, responses varied on the 2nd and 3rd choices.  Hinds noted that he did not get a strong feedback, but said that if we choose Political Correctness, we must be careful how it is defined - it can be interpreted differently by individuals.  Hinds thought Academic Freedom would be a better choice for the title, Aronson voiced her concern about using that term. Ahern said he received mixed reactions to the topics; a few found Political Correctness more interesting, but more reacted negatively to that topic and leaned more toward the advising topic.

The concept of advising is not well understood.  Hinds summarized that people tend not to feel satisfied with Advising, but don't think it can be done better.  McIntosh suggested that it should be something hands on, he thought UMM presenters should be involved.

Political Correctness:
The committee discussed three concerns about Political Correctness, which included:

  1. It is a diverse issue at the beginning, when the Faculty Retreat is intended to build a bond between faculty.
  2. It is a topic that does not resolve issues in a short meeting.
  3. It is hot topic.

McIntosh asked about Richard Zellar as a speaker for Political Correctness.  Hinds replied that Zellar was a Faculty member in Sociology at UMM from 1970-1973, and that he also had an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about Political Correctness.  McIntosh said that Political Correctness is a polarizing issue, and that there may not be enough time to bring this up to faculty when they are together for socializing.  Aronson asked if a panel of UMM faculty could be incorporated to discuss issues that they have encountered at UMM, if Richard Zellar was the presenter.  Ahern said that an UMM panel could be incorporated to discuss the orthodoxies that they have felt constrained to, and how to discuss the different opinions of the issue.

Hinds said that Political Correctness is a sensitive issue, and that we will need to be careful how we package it.  Richard Zellar is the only speaker that has been suggested. McIntosh suggested contacting Zellar and ask him for suggestions.

Ahern said that there is still time to decide on a topic, but the topic should be decided before semester break.

Ahern said that the evaluations of the Fall Faculty Retreat indicate the value of interacting with colleagues, and that this would be kept in mind when designing the workshop.  He said that the interaction time between new faculty and long term faculty allows new faculty to discover what is available at UMM.

The next FDC meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, February 12 at 4:00 PM and Tuesday, February 26 at 4:00 PM at the Faculty Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson