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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for January 29, 2003
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Joel Eisinger, Carol Marxen, Michael Benson, and Nick Peterson
Absent:  Greg Thorson

The meeting began at 4:00 PM. McIntosh asked for comments or approval of the FDC minutes dated 11/26/02. By consensus, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Committee on the Classroom Climate for Minorities.
The committee discussed the memo from Dean Schwaller requesting 2-3 faculty and students to serve on the committee on the Classroom Climate for Minorities. Eisinger and Marxen both agreed to serve on the committee. McIntosh will forward the names to Dean Schwaller. Ahern noted that this will be the Dean's committee, and that recommendations for membership will be advisory to him.

Fall Faculty Retreat
Ahern noted that he received favorable responses from the e-mail he sent to the committee members in regards to Advising as the topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat. He noted that there is an advisory committee in place for Advising, which would help in planning the retreat. McIntosh said that Klinger and O'Loughlin would be invited to the next meeting, February 12, to discuss ideas and the planning details for the workshop. McIntosh said that the FDC will be meeting every two weeks, and that the agenda for the next meeting will include the report and planning discussion of the Fall Retreat.

Retrenchment Issue
McIntosh asked if the Faculty Center had been requested to cut the budget. Ahern said that a 3% reduction per unit is suggested, and questioned if we would be able to do the Fall Faculty Retreat. McIntosh noted that the Retreat could be done more cheaply on campus. Ahern questioned where to cut expenses, noting that people value going places for the retreat, but there is the external resource expense for the speaker and the hotel accommodations. McIntosh said that we should go forward as a contingency discussion at this point, and because of thebudget situation it may not be a full Faculty Retreat but a faculty get together.

Faculty Affairs Committee
The committee discussed Ahern's draft letter concerning a Faculty Affairs Committee. McIntosh said that because there are already so many committees, he is hesitant to endorse another committee. Eisinger said there is a need for a Faculty Affairs Committee and would endorse it, noting that faculty need a committee that deals with workload issues. McIntoshsaid currently there is no written workload policy on this campus. Benson agreed that the memo should be sent forward. McIntosh will contact Thorson to ask for his feedback, and said that the committee is prepared to endorse the memo in present form. McIntosh said that upon Thorson's approval, the memo endorsed by the committee will be sent to the Dean.

Reading Groups
The development of Reading Groups was discussed.  McIntosh requested Marxen to write a formal proposal and submit it to the committee at the next meeting. Marxen replied that because of another commitment, she might not be able to attend the next meeting, but would send a proposal to the committee. Ahern said that in the past the Faculty Center purchased the books for the reading groups, but because of the budget situation he was unsure if this would be possible.  Marxen noted a couple of excellent books that would address Diversity issues. It was suggested that an all campus interest survey and a call for participants for the Reading Groups be sent out.

Ahern gave a progress report on Conversations on Learning and Teaching, noting that 4 have been scheduled for Spring Semester, the first presented by Ratliff-Crain and Klopfleish has already taken place and Heyman's presentation is upcoming. He said the third session; dealing with diverse backgrounds is almost set. The fourth session may focus on lectures, a form of active learning. Ahern asked for additional comments/ and or suggestions. Marxen suggested that cooperative learning could be another issue to discuss.

Ahern reported that the first session for Teaching in the Internet Age will be presented by Paul Myers tomorrow, January 30 at 4:30 PM Ahern said that other topics include Threaded discussion/bulletin board, Open Office software, and course management software. Ahern said that any ideas or suggestions of topics should be e-mailed to him.

McIntosh said the FDC meetings in February will include meeting with Klinger/O'Loughlin on February 12th, John Bowers on February 26 (central discussion board for faculty), as well as discussion of web-based pedagogy and scholarship.

Faculty Enrichment Program/UMM Instructional Technology Mentorship
Ahern said that the information for last year's mentoring programs was e-mailed to committee members for review and for discussion today. Ahern noted that the UMM Instructional Technology mentorship program is funded by an outside grant and that no revisions would be necessary. He said that this year there were more applications for the FEP program than in the past, and because it is a valuable experience, all were funded. Ahern continued that because we are facing budget cuts, this is something we must look at closely and determine if the Faculty Enrichment Program is something we protect or contemplate reducing. McIntosh said it would be helpful for the committee to have a summarized report of participants, which would include their remarks, and sense of satisfaction. Ahern will summarize the mid-year reports for both the FEP and UMM Instructional Technology Mentorship program for the committee. McIntosh asked for any changes or suggestion to the documents. Marxen noted a format change to clarify to which questions individuals should respond. McIntosh said that the documents can be sent out with the revisions, but the FEP program is contingent on funding.

Meeting adjourned at 4:52 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Linda Pederson