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Minutes of February 2, 2009
1:00 PM
Faculty Center, Blakely 10



Present: Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Paul Grove, Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio) and Seung-Ho Joo
Absent: Jess Larson and Adam Olson
Invited Guest: Troy Goodnough
Minutes taken by: Linda Pederson


FDC Minutes, 12/08/08
Kim asked for additions, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated December 12, 2008. Motion: Grove/Joo; unanimously approved.

Environmental and Sustainability (Troy Goodnough)
The FDC continued the discussion on the Environmental and Sustainability issue with Goodnough. Goodnough said at the previous meeting that a member suggested an Environmental and Sustainability Breeze presentation should be made and to link it to the FCLT website. Goodnough shared ideas of other campuses activities and asked for future direction from the FDC. Action items were discussed.

  • Time Frame and how to work together with FDC
  • Goodnough noted that many Universities have Retreats to discuss sustainability and asked if the FDC had interest in a Retreat on Sustainability
  • Goodnough said at previous meeting, it was suggested he attended Division meetings and discuss the sustainability issues

Discussion and suggestions include:

  • Sungur said within 2-3 weeks, the Breeze presentation should be completed and linked to the Faculty Center Website.
  • A Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminar was suggested on Environmental and Sustainability; Sungur replied the schedule is full for spring semester.
  • Creating a retreat for sustainability may not have the interest, may be better to do in the FFR. Possibly focus on complete sustainability issue as a workshop.
  • Goodnough questioned when and how to request money for an outside speaker to facilitate a session. Sungur replied, due to past experience with outside speakers, we prefer internal speakers.
  • Incentive for faculty to integrate sustainability (as an experiment) into their curriculum.
  • Faculty Research money suggested by Kim
  • Discussed past sustainability session at FFR (1 st year, round-table discussion, 2 nd year, longer discussion on what faculty have done – Goodnough said we must find another way to get faculty involved with the conversation.)
  • Discussed possible forum on campus, Goodnough should propose a schedule of events
  • Goodnough said faculty should be exposed to the trends, know what is going on in the country
  • Suggested a couple of faculty to develop a FYS Pilot program on “Sustainability and Environment”
  • Identify courses with “Sustainability and Environmental” theme and focus, show student enrollment
  • Joo suggested leaders organize a forum or series on sustainability. The Faculty members would discuss how they are integrating sustainability into their curriculum, their thoughts, and interactions with their students.
  • Invite student from MPRIG to discuss their thoughts on sustainability.
  • Forums could be video taped and attached to a bigger event, such as Research Symposium.
  • Goodnough asked about a brown bag/lunch series on Environmental and Sustainability, Joo noted too many conflicts over the noon hour and said it is better to do an evening forum.
  • Suggested to use technology, use iTunes for podcast, counter shows number of hits to podcast

Suggestions following the discussion

  1. Breeze presentation
  2. List of UMM faculty interested – form a Leadership Group
  3. Community Ed component through Continuing Education
  4. Provide evidence of student interest

Sungur noted this would be valuable information to form a leadership group that could organize a workshop at the FFR. Sungur said designing the Breeze presentation is the key. Involving all groups (all divisions) and providing evidence are powerful tools.

Members discussed organizing the forum, suggestions include:

  • Faculty talk about teaching experience
  • Student experience
  • Environmental major
  • Courses/environmental issues
  • Meaning of sustainability
  • Suggest to Dean – regular forum one per semester
  • Forum should be supported/endorsed by Dean or Chancellor
  • Suggested to show a 20-30 minute presentation, open discussion

Goodnough said interesting suggestions, will look at notes and decide on what direction to take.

Faculty Enrichment Program 2009-10
The FDC reviewed the FEP 2009-10 application and guidelines; revision to dates made. Application and guidelines will be uploaded to the website, tenure-track faculty will be notified of the link.

The FDC will meet on February 23, 1:00 PM in Blakely 8. Agenda will include continued discussion of Environmental and Sustainability. (Goodnough).

Meeting adjourned at 2:05 PM.