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Minutes of February 5, 2007
4:30 P.M. Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Carol Marxen, Jong-Min Kim, and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)
Guests: Jennifer Goodnough, Bryan Herrmann
Absent: Jacob Croonenberghs

Approval of FDC Minutes 12/13/06
Bina asked for any corrections, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC minutes, dated 12/13/06 . After a slight editorial change, motion (Borchardt/Kim) to approve the FDC minutes of 12/13/06 was carried unanimously.

Faculty Workload
Members reviewed the document Class Schedule Study of UMM Faculty Teaching Loads (researched by Eric Klinger and dated December 2006). The Committee's primary reading indicated that the document is a good indicator how the workload has increased. However, it is not clear about several important points raised in the document, including some of the methodological issues involved.

Bina stated that he would like to invite Professor Eric Klinger to the next FDC meeting so that the question can be answered first hand. Bina also wished that, following Klinger's clarification, this document will be appended to the minutes and posted on the webpage. Motion by (Borchardt, Kim) to invite Professor Klinger to the next FDC meeting carried unanimously.

UMM Spring Student Experience Celebration Event
Jennifer Goodnough and Bryan Herrman presented the UMM Spring Student Experience Celebration Event proposal—a copy of the proposal was distributed to members. Goodnough, on behalf of the Retention Work Group, proposed an afternoon/day long accommodation for a unified celebration of all student academic accomplishments at UMM. Goodnough pointed out that the first celebration event anticipated in Spring 2008, and that classes need not be cancelled but the student schedule might be “re-assigned”. Goodnough informed the Committee that the CRPC, Scholastic Committee, and MCSA all have approved the proposal. Conversation, questions, and suggestions from FDC included:

  • It would be very helpful to identify the objectives first before any action;,
  • This event can be utilized for the assessment of student learning;
  • Is the event coordinated with new student days?
  • Funding might be an important issue, therefore concrete plans must be in place;
  • Proposed date (April 16) – optional date between April 11 through April 28, 2008 , preferably Wednesday;
  • The location of the event for the involvement of more students;
  • Celebration Event might be conducted in other formats or venues, such as creation of “Student Experience Gallery” in a particular campus location and/or an on-line for that matter;
  • Herrmann added that they anticipate a weeklong celebration at UMM in the long run.

Bina thanked Professor Goodnough and Mr. Herrmann for their presentation, noting that further discussion on this issue can be relegated to future meetings if the Committee feels so. Professor Goodnough and Mr. Herrmann left the meeting.

 Faculty Honors
Members discussed Tom Mahoney's request to organize a committee to nominate our faculty for awards. Question: Should a sub-committee (nominating committee) be formed to nominate faculty and evaluate faculty files? It appeared that the Committee needs additional clarification; Bina will invite Mahoney to a future meeting to clarify this request.

Faculty Enrichment Program
Sungur informed the Committee that the Faculty Enrichment Program will be announced electronically this year—displaying the webpage. The announcement will be sent out to facpa this week and the deadline for application is March 22. Sungur reminded that only faculty on the tenure-track is eligible to participate in the Faculty Enrichment Program.

Teaching of Strategic Language
Members reviewed the document, which is moved and approved by consensus to be appended to the FDC minutes dated 11/15/06 . It also approved to be posted on the web.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2007
Sungur remarked that the Committee that task concerning the Fall Faculty Retreat is under way:

  • The main topic is due to be decided;
  • The set-up and other arrangement are to be made;
  • The selection of FFR planning committee must be made.

Quality of Life Surveys
The surveys would remain with the same format and frequency.

Faculty Research Page
The FCLT is currently gathering information for the Faculty Research Page.

Meeting Date
The FDC will meet Monday, February 26 at 4:30 P.M. at the Faculty Center.

A motion to adjourn (Borchardt/Kim): the meeting concluded at 5:32 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson