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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for February 10, 2005
1:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Bert Ahern (Chair), Judy Kuechle, David Hoppe and Pam Solvie.
Absent: Siobhan Bremer, Emily Elsner and Thomas Billo II.

The meeting began at 1:00 PM . Members discussed meeting times for spring semester and decided to schedule the meetings every 2 weeks at 2:00 PM . The following meeting dates have been set.

February 24
March 10 and March 24
April 7 and April 21
May 5

FDC Minutes 11/18/04
Reviewed and approved as read. Motion: (Solvie, Hoppe), the minutes were unanimously approved.

FDC Minutes 12/09/04
Reviewed and approved as read. Motion: (Solvie, Hoppe), the minutes were unanimously approved.

Faculty Center Director
Ahern reported that a candidate has submitted a proposal for the position.

Faculty Affairs Proposal
Ahern said the Faculty Affairs Proposal is on the Assembly agenda for the 22 nd . Ahern discussed concerns raised by faculty about the Faculty Affairs Proposal, and encouraged FDC members to discuss the proposal with their colleagues. Members discussed the type of ballot, agreeing mail ballot would be the best.

Faculty Enrichment Program
Kuechle will contact the Dean and verify funding for the Faculty Enrichment Program 05-06. Ahern noted that funding in the past has been for five mentor/mentee pairs. Ahern said the call for application is sent in February, and the FDC is obligated to approve the mentor/mentee pairs. Solvie, a participant in this year's FEP program, commented that this is a wonderful program and a valuable learning experience.

Faculty Advising Seminar
Peter Wyckoff and Pareena Lawrence will present the Thursday Afternoon Faculty Advising Seminar on March 24 th . The topic will be advising for a self-designed major.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2005
The Arrowwood Resort is the site for the Fall Faculty Retreat 2005. Ahern said the theme for the retreat should be identified in February, and asked for suggestions. Topics suggested included:

  1. Writing across the Curriculum,
  2. “Teaching & Learning in a Multicultural Society,” (continued theme from the Faculty Retreat 2004)
  3. Universal Design using Technology.
  4. What does it mean to be a Liberal Arts College in the 21 st Century?

Ahern said the Retreat has never had the same theme two years in a row, and noted a Technology theme is included in the Bush Grant for the Fall Retreat in 2006. Ahern said the Bush Grant progress report could be an agenda item for the next meeting. (Pederson will contact Sungur). Ahern said the theme for the retreat should be decided at the next meeting. Kuechle noted a task force formed last year for Writing across the Curriculum. If “Writing across the Curriculum” is the retreat topic, Kuechle suggests consulting with the committee on how to approach the subject. Kuechle will contact the chair of the task force for further information.

Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars 2005-06 (TAFS)
Kuechle reported an e-mail was sent out in mid January and again today requesting presenters for the Thursday Afternoon Faculty. TAFS presenters will be identified in April.

Next meeting scheduled for February 24, 2:00-3:00 PM in the Faculty Center .

Meeting adjoined at 1:45 PM .

Submitted by,
Linda Pederson