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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for February 12, 2003
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Joel Eisinger, Greg Thorson, Michael Benson, and Nick Peterson
Absent:  Carol Marxen
Guests: Karla Klinger, Paula O'Loughlin

The meeting began at 4:00 PM.  McIntosh asked for comments or approval of the FDC minutes dated 1/29/03. By consensus, the minutes were unanimously approved.

McIntosh welcomed Klinger and O'Loughlin to the meeting for discussion of the plans for the Fall Retreat topic, "Creating Culture of Advising." McIntosh noted that FDC members were e-mailed a copy of the tentative plan that will be discussed at today's meeting. Ahern said that he had discussed with Klinger that because of the budget situation he wasn't sure whether the retreat would be held at Peters Sunset Beach or on the UMM campus. Ahern noted that we would know what the budget is by mid April, and also said that the committee should have some say on where the retreat should be held. At the same time, holding the retreat on campus might save over $4000 of the $8500 allotted for the event. McIntosh said that at this point we should plan for the retreat to be held on campus. If so, Klinger said, we should reserve the LaFave house and some of the nicer facilities on campus for the retreat. Klinger said that the format of the retreat would work either at Peters Sunset Beach or on campus and that planning should allow for either option. Ahern said that Peters Sunset Beach has been contacted and a contract should be arriving soon. He said that if we reserve the site, a deposit is required. The deposit in the past has been $1000, and that if we cancelled the retreat we would loose this deposit. Due to the budget situation, Thorson suggested that Ahern negotiate with Peters Sunset Beach for a later date for the deposit payment.  Thorson said that as we are trying to anticipate budget cuts, we should reserve both Peters Sunset Beach and facilities on campus, but that we should not rule out Peters as the location for fall 2003.  Possible locations on campus included Science rooms 1020, 1021, 1030, 2200, 2285, 3500 (new conference room) and the atrium. Klinger said rooms would be needed for discussion groups, issues groups, and demonstration group (Technology ongoing). Klinger also suggested the LaFave house, Ahern noted that this would work fine for a reception, but space is limited if you planned to sit down to do work. Ahern said that we could anticipate more people coming if it was held on campus, and that Peters Sunset Beach is limited to 60 participants. An on campus site would probably not cut food costs. Benson noted any event on campus has to be catered through Sodexho, and that they are incredibly expensive. Ahern will look into the details of catering, but said the cost of food would probably be comparable to Peters.

Klinger reported that she is very pleased with the suggestions of the Faculty advisory group, noting that changes have been made much greater unity. She noted two suggestions that were made:

  1. Place participants in discussion groups
  2. Choice of discussion groups going at all time. (discussion group, practical applied group, possible demonstration for applied session)

Klinger suggested that Ahern send a note to facpa to ask what they would like and that once this is identified, find faculty on campus that could lead the groups.

Klinger said that they want an outside speaker to be enthusiastic and excited about advising. They want the address to be inspirational and also to talk about his/her positive experience as an adviser. O'Loughlin noted that they want a keynote speaker, but want it to be our workshop. She said that this workshop will give people flexibility, handouts will be available, and that it will be designed to get people talking. Klinger said that the evening would be social.

Advising on campus was discussed. Benson noted that he has talked to many faculty members on campus, and that advising is a beautiful selling point and it is something that should be stressed. Ahern observed that advising for the undecided student and to life up liberal learning needed attention. O'Loughlin also noted that being a good adviser/faculty helps to reduce inappropriate or unnecessary student transfers. Thorson commented that advising produces high level of student satisfaction and that leads to retention. McIntosh said that the committee was charged by the Dean to examine the evaluation of student advising, and that this could be incorporated into the workshop.

McIntosh said that the meeting was soon ending, and asked if Klinger or O'Loughlin had any specific questions regarding the retreat. Klinger asked Ahern to contact Peters, and Pederson to find available meeting rooms on campus. It was noted that Klinger and Ahern would send out a questionnaire to faculty. Klinger said that they will move forward with the planning, and didn't feel it would hurt if they did not go to Peters Sunset Beach. She also noted, that at this point, they have not discussed the plans for Tuesday morning.

McIntosh said the committee would meet again on February 26. He said that the other issues will be carried forward and John Bowers will attend the meeting to discuss a central discussion board for faculty.

Meeting adjourned at 5:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson