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Minutes of February 14, 2006
4:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex



Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Alicia Canfield, Gordon McIntosh, and EnginSungur (Ex-Officio)

Absent: Randi Peterson


FDC Minutes 2/14/06
Bina called the meeting to order at 4:04 P.M. Bina thanked Pederson for her diligence and indefatigable recording of the minutes, but noted he had edited the minutes to reflect:

  1. The FDC authorized Sungur to send the proposed surveys to the FAC for review seeking any proposed changes.
  2. Bina added a succinct summary of the FDC discussion reflected in the various meetings with the Twin-Cities representatives from the University Committee on Strategic Planning and Culture.
  3. Bina presented, for the record, a summary of the Committee's discussion on the On-line Faculty Club.

Bina asked for any corrections, revisions or approval of the minutes; the committee unanimously approved the FDC Minutes of 1/31/06 .

Faculty Assessment/Evaluation Tools Proposal
Members discussed the surveys; Sungur reported that he has received additional suggestions from the faculty. Bina suggested that Sungur send a memo (supported by the FDC) to the Faculty Affairs Committee and Consultative Committee, seeking their respective input in respect to these surveys to the surveys, and preferably stressing the importance of responding within two weeks. He emphasized though that no part of these surveys should be viewed as inscription in stone, and thanked Sungur for displaying open mind.

Committee Attendance
The FDC discussed the question of attendance and division of labor; and given the fact that Professor Randi Peterson is planning to attend the meetings regularly after February 24th, all members agreed that Peterson should remain on the committee for the remainder of the semester.

Linda Pederson reported that Professor Siobhan Bremer is unable to attend the FDC due to health reasons. Bina pointed out that all of us on the FDC are concerned about Siobhan's health regretfully anticipated that the Committee is not fortunate enough to have her back; but similar to losing and gaining in life itself, Bina remarked, the committee is fortunate to have Professor Edith Borchardt as its participating member since the beginning of the academic year. Given the enthusiasm of the FDC, Bina will contact the Executive Committee to request that Borchardt remain on the FDC for the remainder of the semester. Borchardt accepted the offer with equal enthusiasm. Bina thanked Borchardt for serving on the committee during fall semester and beyond.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2006
Sungur reported that the Arrow Wood Resort ( Alexandria , MN) has been reserved for the Fall Faculty Retreat (FFR) for Monday and Tuesday, August 21st and 22nd. Registration will begin on Monday at 11:30 A.M. and will end on Tuesday at 5:00 P.M. The topics/sessions will include:

  1. Innovative Teaching (Bush Technology Grant)
  2. Parallel Sessions (defining current issues at UMM, which would follow a similar format as in the previous year.

Sungur anticipated that UMM faculty will facilitate the parallel sessions in the same manner as the previous year, with no outside speaker. Members acknowledged that FFR was very successful last year. Sungur asked that the FDC forms a sub-committee (perhaps, late in the spring) in order to advise him on the selection of topic and organization of the Faculty Fall Retreat. Suggested topics included:

  1. Student Retention
  2. Institutionalizing Student Research

McIntosh remarked that several faculty members had already attended a conference on Institutionalizing Student Research (in California ) during Fall (2005) semester. When asked what were the criteria and who did appoint them, McIntosh reported that UMM Administration selected the faculty. A member pointed out that information about such faculty matters must be disseminated throughout the campus for equal opportunity and equal consideration—discussion followed. Sungur stated that this information should be disseminated via the Faculty Center if indeed faculty receives support from the Center. He encouraged those who may have insight on this issue write a report on this conference for the Newsletter. Other issues discussed included the China Initiative and the necessity of mentoring opportunity for the newly-hired raking administrators at UMM.

Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP) 2006-07
Bina asked for an update on the Faculty Enrichment Program. Pederson reported that the application forms mailed on February 3 for the tenure-track faculty, with a deadline for March 22 nd . Pederson stated that the program supports five mentee/mentor pairs ($500 per person). Sungur suggested that the Faculty Enrichment Program be evaluated and assessed next year. McIntosh recommended contacting the Division Chairs and asking them to identify the eligible faculty in their division and to encourage them to apply. Bina will send an email to all Division Chairs accordingly.

UMM Governance Issues
Members discussed the ad hoc appointment of the Interim Dean and the need for establishing appropriate procedures for such appointments. The members recognized that this issue is not entirely within the responsibility and scope of the FDC; they nevertheless wanted to set the record straight by pointing this out. Motion (Borchardt/McIntosh) to refer the issue (of ad hoc appointment of the Interim Dean) to the Faculty Affairs Committee.

The FDC scheduled to meet February 28, at 4:00 P.M. in the Faculty Center.

Meeting adjourned at 5:02 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson