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Minutes of February 23, 2009
1:00 PM
Faculty Center , Blakely 10


Present: Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Seung-Ho Joo, and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)
Absent: Jess Larson and Paul Grove
Minutes taken by: Linda Pederson


FDC Minutes, 02/02/09
Kim asked for additions, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated February 2, 2009. Joo noted two corrections to the minutes; minutes unanimously approved as amended.

Focus on Faculty Newsletter
Sungur said that the Faculty Center publishes the Focus on Faculty Newsletter (FOF) on-line each semester and explained the difficulty in recruiting people to write articles. Sungur said the Faculty Center would like to standardize the newsletter; he suggested interviewing a faculty member each month on his/her teaching or research. The committee agreed and discussion followed. Suggestions included:

  • Design standard interview questions, photograph faculty member for newsletter
  • Focus on a new faculty member and a senior faculty member; it was also suggested to interview the Dean, Chancellor, FCLT Director, and Division Chairs for the newsletter
  • Design the newsletter with a column for New Faculty and Senior Faculty.
  • Design ‘Creative questions' for the interview.
  • Ask Faculty Enrichment Program participants to interview each other or write a brief article for the newsletter discussing their mentorship experience, subject(s) discussed, (i.e. research, teaching, service), and/or what advantages did the mentee receive from the mentee/mentor relationship through the FEP program.
  • Better to ask a student worker to interview faculty, rather than the faculty writing the article.

Members discussed the interview process and agreed it is better for a student to do the interview and write the article for the FOF and put into a systematic form. Members discussed what/who the articles for the newsletter could focus on. Suggestions included:

  • Focus on Teaching/Research
  • Grant Recipients (Their experience, what they did, any advice)
  • Conferences attended relating to teaching (what they learned, what was interesting)
  • Travel Grants – It was suggested to ask the Dean if faculty could be required to write an article for the newsletter when they received a travel grant
  • Asking faculty attending a Research or Teaching Conference to write an article for the FOF, information would be shared with the UMM Campus.
  • The faculty member would be interviewed by a student or could self-report, it would depend on the subject.
  • Education, Research, Grants were suggested as columns for the FOF
  • Suggestion for Participants of FEP, FREP, Travel Grants to write about their experience for the newsletter.
  • A member commented that certain types of grants are suitable to request reports, but feared making mandatory reports on others may be problematic, and suggested voluntary reports.

Members voiced concerns about mandating faculty to write a report/article for the newsletter after attending a conference or traveling with University funds for research. Chair Kim agreed to summarize the discussion today and will contact the Dean; he will include a copy of the FDC minutes dated February 23 for her review and her suggestions.

A member said the biggest advantage of beginning a tradition of requiring faculty to submit articles for the FOF is that we will know what is happening on our campus and we will know the achievement of our colleagues. He believes that publishing faculty achievements in the newsletter will be helpful when nominating faculty members for various awards.

Members discussed ways to make the campus aware of the need for articles for the FOF Newsletter. Members agreed it must be institutionalized in someway to make it happen and discussed how to spread this information to the Dean and various committees. Sungur said by beginning a tradition of reporting faculty experiences/achievements, we will know our colleagues better. Sungur said because the newsletter is published on line, there is no length requirement. The article can be one to two paragraphs or longer. Chair Kim will summarize the discussion and contact the Dean for her input and suggestions, and will include a copy of the FDC Minutes dated Feb.23 as a record of the FOF newsletter discussion

Fall Faculty Retreat 2009
Sungur said planning the Fall Faculty Retreat 2009 will begin soon; and said the FCLT will send out an e-mail to facpa and Division chairs requesting ideas and topic suggestions. Sungur said, a list of topics will be compiled, and the FDC will be asked to suggest names for the planning committee.

The FDC will meet on March 23 at 1:00 PM in Blakely Conference Room 8. Agenda will include FOF Newsletter, Fall Faculty Retreat, and Goodnough will be invited to continue the Environmental and Sustainability discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 2:03 PM.