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Minutes of February 26, 2007, 4:30 PM
Faculty Center, East Annex


Present: Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Jong-Min Kim, and Engin Sungur (Ex-officio)
Guest: Professor Eric Klinger
Absent: Carol Marxen and Jacob Croonenberghs

Bina called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.

Faculty Workload
Bina welcomed Professor Eric Klinger to the FDC meeting for further clarification of the pertinent points related to his paper on the trend of faculty (teaching) load at UMM, which was already distributed at the FDC 2/5/07 meeting. Professor Klinger pointed out that the purpose of this report is to track faculty teaching load over the years since the establishment of this campus. Given the lack of adequate time series, he and his students had to examine the class schedules for five-year intervals. He also indicated that, due to the lack of adequate data, the teaching load cannot be disaggregated among the existing divisions, disciplines, etc. for comparison. Klinger argued, however, that it would be sufficient to examine the aggregate trend of the teaching load throughout time. Professor Klinger noted:

  • This study designates five time periods: 1965-66, 1969-70, 1974-75, 1997-98, and 2003-2004.
  • This study finds that the teaching load has risen over the years both in terms of the numbers of credits and that of sections taught per year.
  • Much of the increase, however, occurred immediately after an increase in the size of modular (standard) courses in 1970 (i.e., increase from 3- to 5-credit courses).
  • Course sections have risen 35% since the 1965-66 period and 36% since the 1969-70 period; noting much was associated with the transition from quarter- to semester-system. Of course, the accompanying change led to reduction in the size of standard course module, from five to four credits.

The committee discussed the report, agreeing on the essential finding that increase in the teaching load occurred in two areas: course module and the conversion from the quarter- to semester-system. It was also noted that, for instance, the teaching loads of special topics, senior seminars, advising, on-line courses, etc. are not included in the calculation of faculty teaching load due to the lack of systematic data. (The teaching load arising from sabbatical leaves was not considered in the report.)

Sungur proposed to inquire information, such as what courses taught, semester leave, etc., from discipline faculty for the past fours years at UMM so that one will be able to determine the ‘hidden faculty teaching load' more judiciously. Professor Klinger offered a slight update of the Executive Summary; and read the report to the members of the FDC. He will forward the updated abstract to Committee.

The Committee will post Klinger's report to the FCLT Website. Sungur made the following suggestions:

  • Link the report to the website with a ‘captivating title'
  • Send e-mail to faculty with the URL – make the site an interactive site where faculty can post comments on web and can start up a conversation on faculty workload issue.
  • Add another graph that plots the number of credits versus the number of courses taught.

Bina thanked Professor Klinger for his presentation; he departed the meeting at 5:10 P.M.

Approval of FDC Minutes 02/05/07
Bina asked members to review the FDC Minutes, dated 02/05/07. Motion by (Borchardt/Kim) to approve the minutes; the minutes were approved.

Faculty Honors
At our last FDC meeting, members discussed the e-mail from Mahoney concerning the identification of faculty who are able and willing to participate in the evaluation of faculty honors; FDC members needed further clarification on this issue. Sungur communicated with Mahoney last week and reported that Mahoney does not recommend that the FDC set up a formal sub-committee for this matter. Sungur explained (and Bina confirmed) that this is solely an academic matter; therefore, any initiation of that sort should come from the division chairs and/or disciplinary units, not the Grants Development. Yet, the Committee will discuss it further in the next meeting.

Distinguished Research Award
Bina announced the decision of the Distinguished Research Award Committee (DRAC) about the recipient this year. The recipient for the 2006 – 2007 year is Dr. David Roberts, Associate Professor of Mathematics at UMM.

Quality of Life/Opinion of Administration Surveys
Sungur indicated that the surveys were approved last year by the Faculty Development Committee, Faculty Affairs Committee, and the Curriculum Committee and asked if we need to a renewed approval from the committees that the surveys were approved last year. After discussion, it was agreed that Bina, as the chair of FDC, will send a memo to each of the committee chairs asking for approval of the surveys.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2007
Sungur reported that he has received proposals for topics concerning the Fall Faculty Retreat, and urged that a planning committee should be set up as early as possible. Sungur needed a memo to be sent to all administration offices and committees, requesting possible suggestions for topics for the FFR. It was approved by consensus, and Bina will send a memo to all faculty and administrative offices requesting suggestions for the FFR.

Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP)
Pederson updated the committee on the Faculty Enrichment Program, noting the deadline is March 22. An e-mail reminder will be sent to faculty.

Meeting Date
The FDC will meet Monday, March 26 at 4:30 P.M. at the Faculty Center.

A motion to adjourn (Borchardt/Kim); the meeting concluded at 5:24 PM.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson