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Faculty Devlopment Committee

Minutes for February 27, 2004
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, David Hoppe, Carol Marxen, and Siobhan Bremer.
Absent: Derrek Brunsberg

The meeting began at 1:05 PM.

Thorson said that the remaining meetings of the semester would include planning of the Fall Faculty Retreat, noting that a topic needs to be determined. Discussion will also include the Faculty Center Director job description and call for application. Thorson said that the FDC has been asked by the Dean to serve as the screening committee in selecting the new Director.

Fall Faculty Retreat
The Fall Faculty Retreat is scheduled for August 23-24. Thorson said that they have received 2 formal request for the Fall Faculty Retreat, as well 24 topic suggestions as a result of the fall survey. Copies of the memorandum dated March 19, 2003, and the Executive summary was distributed to members. The committee discussed the topic "Campus Climate" as a possible topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern said that he was appointed to serve as ex-officio on the task force committee. He said that the goal of the task force committee was 1) to survey all faculty and selected groups of students to get a sense of perception of classroom climate for students of color, 2) to use the results of the survey in framing the retreat. All responses would be anonymous. One member commented that the survey should not only target a certain population of students, but also measure the opinion among the student body as a whole on multicultural issues. Ahern noted that the survey is scheduled for late March or early April, and will be administered by the Vice Chancellor's office. The task force committee has asked that "Classroom Climate" be the topic of the Fall Retreat, and the proposal does have a working structure in place. The committee also discussed "Writing" as the other proposed topic for the Fall Retreat. It was noted that according to NSSE data, students are not writing or writing as well as expected. The members discussed faculty involvement in the Fall Retreat. Thorson said that the panel should not be on how to define something, but rather what are successful examples faculty are doing. Thorson said that we need a keynote speaker who thinks big, and a panel who drives us to do it; that it cannot be just issues and discussion, but should also focus on strategies for change. Ahern noted determining the topic for the retreat will help shape the survey. Marxen said a decision should be made today, and thought it should be on diversity. Discussion included the survey, Fall Retreat structure, and faculty involvement. It was noted that faculty involvement in last year's retreat was very successful. Thorson asked if the committee should 1) do a structured sur-vey or 2) respond to one of the requests from the Dean for the topic, "Climate" or "Writing". Marxen commented that it is getting too close to planning to send out another survey. Marxen made a motion to have "Diversity " as the Fall Faculty Retreat topic, seconded by Bremer. Unanimously carried.

The FDC minutes dated 2/03/04 and 2/13/04 were unanimously approved.

Thorson excused himself from the meeting.

FCLT Director
Copies of the Director of the FCLT call for applications and job description were distributed to members. Discussion followed.  Of the duties listed, Ahern noted that he had been unable to maintain an updated Faculty Life webpage and questioned its importance. He suggested that this should be struck from the job description. Members discussed the call for application, compensation and terms of appointment, and agreed that the wording should be clarified. Ahern will discuss this with the Dean. The committee also reviewed the revisions to the FCLT webpage created by Jared Misner, Ahern's student web assistant.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson