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Minutes of February 28, 2006
4:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex


Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Alicia Canfield, Gordon McIntosh, and EnginSungur (Ex-Officio)

Absent: Randi Peterson
Guest: Jim Carlson

The meeting began at 4:08 P.M.

FDC Minutes 2/14/06
Bina asked for any corrections, revisions or approval of the minutes; the FDC Minutes of 2/14/06 was approved unanimously.

Distinguished Research Award (Professor Jim Carlson)
Bina welcomed Jim Carlson, the convener of the Distinguished Research Award Committee (DRAC) at UMM, to the meeting. Pederson distributed copies of the announcement the Distinguished Research Award to members for review and discussion. Carlson acknowledged that the announcement circulated for the nomination of this award has been the same since year one; noting that the nomination may be made by anyone on the faculty to be forwarded to the chair of the Division in which the nominee is attached. He informed the FDC that the DRAC received two nominations this year and, given the need adequate deliberation the members had met. Bina indicated that the announcement is clearly based “on sustained research and/or artistic productivity over the course of a career rather than partial accomplishment. Carlson informed the FDC that the Distinguished Research Award has no recipient this year. Carlson thought that the procedure for the nomination should be further clarified. He indicated, for instance, there is confusion when the awards committee is to receive the nominee's name and stressed on informing of the DRAC simultaneously at the time of nomination, before the dossier is due. Carlson discussed the apparent gap when the information is submitted to the DRAC; noting the nominations are due by December 5 to the division chairs, yet there is no indication when the DRAC will receive that information. Members discussed changing the paragraph which reads: Nominations for the award may be made by anyone and are to be forwarded to your division chair by December 5, 2005 . Members suggested rephrasing the paragraph to read: Nominations for the award may be made by anyone and are to be forwarded to your division chair and the Convener of the Distinguished Research Award Committee by December 5, (year). Carlson raised other concerns:

  1. Who has the responsibility to report the result to the campus?
  2. Who should handle the file(s)?
  3. Who should retain the nominees' files?

McIntosh pointed out that the FDC should take the responsibility of mailing the announcement, but once mailed, the DRAC has the responsibility of the entire matter. He indicated that the DRAC receives the names of nominees; the FDC does nether receive or see them. Bina pointed out that the DRAC is a highest authority in all matters related to this award; by the same token, he said, the DRAC must take all the responsibilities. Bina suggested that the Convener of DRAC should contact the nominator/nominee about the deliberation this year; Carlson agreed to do this. As for the announcement of the award, Bina told Carlson: “we are your obedient servant; the FDC Chair will take the responsibility of announcing the result of your deliberations to the campus community accordingly.” Carlson noted that the selection committee appreciates direct tangible evidence of research such as books, tapes, etc. included in the candidate's file; but notwithstanding the DRAC's deliberations, these items were absent from this years' dossiers. Borchardt noted the announcement does clearly request supporting documentation, such books, tapes, etc. In the case of this year's nominees, Sungur remarked that all contacts by the Convener of DRAC should be directed to the Division Chairs; Carlson agreed to visit with the two pertinent Division Chairs. McIntosh acknowledged that the FDC is in charge of the content of this announcement, therefore any suggestions for change should be directed to the FDC. Carlson departed the meeting at 4:42 PM .

Distinguished Research Award Announcement (2005-06)
The Distinguished Research Award Committee informed Bina that it did not select any of the two nominees for the award this year; zero (0) awardees this year.

Discussion of Service Award will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

On-Line Faculty Club
Members discussed the On-Line Faculty Club and faculty participation. Several reflections from the campus community were discussed. Sungur responded that he primarily designed the On-line Faculty Club based on the definition of faculty by the University constitution, noting that faculty eligible include professors, associate professors, assistant professors (including research associates), instructors (including research fellows), academic staff, and part-time faculty or academic staff holding at least one-third equivalent of a full-time position for the academic year. Members discussed ideas; Bina suggested that, notwithstanding this definition, it would somewhat hassle-free if there is an on-line club for everyone, and create options for individuals or informal groups who wish to keep their conversations to themselves. Sungur responded that he can only create Faculty Club for the faculty, but would offer assistance to others.

Faculty/Administration Surveys
Bina reflected on some concerns why the survey does not include P & A; Sungur responded that this is anticipated on the forms.

Faculty Semester Leave
Bina reported that he had a conversation with Chair of the FAC on the issue of faculty semester leaves and the apparent problems. Members discussed criteria for selection, professor/associate versus assistant professor, and the treatment of the research proposal by all these ranks in one pot, so to speak. The members felt that the proposals from assistant professors should be evaluated within their own rank, not with those by the associate professors or professors. Other comments included:

  • The question of funding and the number of semester leaves;
  • The extent of the fairness in evaluating the proposals;
  • Bina suggested that there should be two separate criteria for Full/Associate and Assistant Professors.

FDC Committee Membership
Bina has contacted Carrie Grussing, requesting that the Executive Committee formalizes the continuation of Edith Borchardt's service to the FDC during Spring 2006.

The FDC will meet on Tuesday, March 21 at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson