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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for March 05, 2002
4 PM Faculty Center
Humanities Annex

Present: Harold Hinds (Chair), Bert Ahern, Gordon McIntosh

Excused Absence: Stacey Parker Aronson

Absent: Doug Reese, Mike Rea, Cyrus Pansch

The FDC meeting began at 4:00 PM., Hinds noted that Aronson would be unable to attend the meeting today.

Ahern reported on the spring conference for the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, which is scheduled for April 1 in Oyate Hall. Ahern said that 30 faculty, (15 teaching partners) will meet on March 25th to finalize the top ten teaching tips that will be the focus of the April 1 conference. He said that the planning committee met on March 4. The speaker will talk on the importance of teaching excellence.

Instructional Technology Mentoring
Ahern said that he had received a request from one senior faculty member who would like to mentor another senior faculty member. However, he said that the program was set up for a new faculty person to mentor a senior faculty, he questioned if this would be acceptable. Ahern also noted that this was not forbidden by the grant. Hinds responded that if a compatible partner had been found, and the money is spent in a productive way, he didn't see a problem. At the same time, the criteria for acceptance would need to give preference to proposals from junior faculty. Hinds said if it becomes a problem later, then the committee would deal with it.

Faculty Center Budget
The committee reviewed the proposed Faculty Center budget, discussing the expenses of each category. McIntosh questioned how the course release amount was arrived at, Ahern replied that he had talked with Zosel about the amount and that it is indicates an average replacement cost for two courses; it is not 40% of the Director's salary. The minimum operating budget of the Faculty Center budget provides for the mentoring program, travel to conferences for the Director, travel supplements, memberships, postage, and office supplies, it does not provide funding for the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern said that the mentoring program currently provides for 5 pair/$500 per pair. Ahern noted that more people want the mentoring partnership than what we are able to award. The Fall Faculty Retreat expenses will have to be covered by UMM for the coming year, since there is no grant money to cover the expense. Ahern said that the Travel supplements are not widely advertised, and that the purpose of these supplements is to supplement travel expenses to attend the Collaboration Conference or other Teaching conferences. A request of additional $30,000 funds for the Faculty Center would allow the Center to continue, sustain, and expand programs. Ahern will provide a cover letter and budget request to the FDC meeting on March 26th. Hinds asked that the committee adopt in principle the budget with the understanding that if the funds are not forthcoming, the Fall Faculty Retreat, Faculty Seminars, and the mentoring program could be jeopardized. McIntosh seconded the motion; the motion was unanimously accepted.

Faculty Seminars
Revised copies of the Faculty Seminars budget and proposal were distributed to committee members. Changes to the budget were discussed, noting that Rhythms of Academic Life is requested for each Seminar, and that the amount for refreshments will be the same for each seminar. McIntosh said that the order and title of the Faculty Seminars (page 2 & page 3) should be consistent. Turner will be asked to submit a revised proposal and budget with the changes suggested by McIntosh. Hinds asked the committee for adoption in principal of support of the proposal and to send it to Assembly for discussion McIntosh seconded the motion, the motion was unanimously accepted. Hinds requested Pederson to send a cover letter with the proposal to the Chancellor and the Assembly and ask that it be put on the docket.

Research Award
Hinds said that two cases have been received, and that the committee has reached a unanimous decision about the individual. An announcement will be forthcoming. Hinds discussed a couple of items that need to be addressed regarding the Research Award. McIntosh suggested that Hinds write up the change recommendations to the Research Award for the committee.

The next FDC meeting will be March 26. Lopez will meet with the committee to discuss the Student Opinion survey.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Pederson