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Faculty Development Committee

Minutes for March 5, 2003
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex

Present: Gordon McIntosh (Chair), Bert Ahern, Greg Thorson, and Michael Benson
Absent: Joel Eisinger, Carol Marxen, and Nick Peterson
Guests: John Bowers

The meeting began at 4:09 PM.  McIntosh asked for comments or approval of the FDC minutes dated 2/12/03. By consensus, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Fall Faculty Retreat
Ahern began by saying that we have not received the contract from Peters Sunset Beach. At this point we should plan on the Fall Retreat being held at either Peters Sunset Beach or on campus. Ahern noted that rooms have been reserved on campus. Ahern distributed copies of the questionnaire drafted by Klinger to the committee for review, any additional comments should be directed to Klinger.

Faculty Affairs Committee
McIntosh said that Ahern has revised the memo to the Dean in regards to the Faculty Affairs Committee, however, the memo has not been sent at this time. Thorson questioned what is the time frame for developing the Faculty Affairs committee. McIntosh replied that the memo doesn't contain any language pertaining to the time frame, and that it may be carried forward to next year's meetings. It was agreed that the revised memo would be sent to Finzel and his sub-committee for feedback, and discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Central Discussion Board (John Bowers)
McIntosh welcomed Bowers to the meeting for discussion of the Central Discussion Board, which would allow faculty to communicate easily with each other. Thorson said that the Discussion board should offer functionality and easily edited. Bowers discussed the Big Idea Discussion board, noting that anyone who is at UMM can use it. He said that it is a secure site, the X500 is used for the log in, and that the message identifies whom it is from. The Big Idea web site was viewed on the computer, Bowers discussed the site with the committee. Bowers said that Pushpin is an open source, is compatible with the web server and is 6 years old. He also noted that functionality of Pushpin is quite limited and there is consideration of security. Thorson questioned if the X500 could be used with Pushpin, Bowers replied that this has not yet been answered. Bowers also noted that another issue of Pushpin is that you don't want people who are not on campus reading what issues are being discussed on campus. Thorson questioned how e-mail accounts are set up. Bowers replied that Faculty set up their own e-mail accounts and password. Bowers briefly discussed WebCT, noting that it is geared for classroom application. Thorson said that big issues are not being talked about on campus, and with Bulletin Board you would have the option for campus discussion. Bowers said that money is available for a Discussion Board, if we find a program that would work. Thorson said an ideal Discussion Board would use the X500 log in, would include faculty, students, other campus boards, and would enhance communication and campus life. Bowers noted several questions to consider:

  1. What is the technical product to do it?
  2. What type of log in, whom has access?
  3. Who is the moderator? Is the role of the moderator keeping the board alive?

Bowers said that the Big Idea committee asked for the creation of the Discussion Board, hoping that it would open up communication on campus. McIntosh noted that it appears that implementing is the stumbling block. Bowers said that there are no links yet for the Discussion Board, it is not ready to be announced. Bowers also discussed with the committee WIKI and BLOG, noting that McPhee and Myers are using these programs on campus. Bowers noted that the WIKI allows others to edit, while BLOG only allows people to respond it, that it is not threaded as a discussion board. Ahern said that it is important to have a Discussion Board that everyone is familiar with, noting that WIKI is not as easy as a discussion board, and BLOG may be difficult it you don't understand it. Bowers said that he will devote some resource to research products, Thorson agreed to help with this research. McIntosh said that Bowers might be requested to attend another FDC meeting for further discussion on the Discussion Board.

McIntosh said that because committee members were absent, the Web-based scholarship and pedagogy and Reading Groups would be discussed more at the next meeting. The committee briefly discussed web-based publishing and the criteria. McIntosh said that the major agenda for the next meeting would be discussion of web-based scholarship and pedagogy, and to work on a statement from this committee making suggestion to the Division Chairs about the tenure program

Ahern requested that in two weeks, the meeting would also focus on the Faculty Center budget and the budget cuts.

The next FDC meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 26th at 4:00 PM in the Faculty Center.  Agenda items will include web-based scholarship and pedagogy, Reading Groups, Memo to the Dean (Faculty Affairs committee), and the Faculty Center budget.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson