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Minutes of March 7, 2008
4:00 PM, Faculty Center
The Faculty Center, East Annex


Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Jong-Min Kim, and
Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)
Paul Grove (faculty), Britney Appier (student)
Linda Pederson

FDC Minutes 2/01/08
Bina asked for any addition, revision, and/or approval of minutes. A motion to accept the minutes carried unanimously.

Faculty Enrichment Program 2008-2009
Sungur updated the committee on the FEP 2008-09, noting that the deadline for participation is March 21. Sungur reported that he received some indication of interest. Sungur pointed out that application guidelines state that the mentee is paired with a senior mentor without explicitly mentioning tenured faculty. Borchardt indicated that the original intention was that the mentee (applicant) be mentored by a tenured faculty outside his/her discipline. It was discussed whether or not ‘tenure status' of the senior faculty should be added but agreed that it would be better if the statement were left as it is.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2008
The Fall Faculty Retreat is scheduled for Sunday, August 17 and Monday, August 18. Pederson distributed a list of suggestions to members for review. Sungur reported that, given his communication with some faculty members, the Fall Retreat at this time should be on topics other than technology, service learning or undergraduate research. Sungur noted that the FCLT communicated with Committee Chairs, requesting ideas or suggestions for the retreat. Borchardt pointed out that those suggesting the topic should themselves be involved in the arrangement of the sessions concerned. Sungur wished to send an e-mail to last year's planning committee, asking if the members are willing to serve on this year's FFR planning committee. By consensus the FDC approved that Sungur attempt to compose the committee by asking for the assistance of the previous members in addition to soliciting participation from the faculty at large.

MSAF Application
Sungur reported that he has written a proposal for academic technical support for faculty from the ADT grant for $7500, and submitted a supplemental MSAF application to the Dean's office asking for additional support of $2400. He stated that the training of students for this purpose will begin this summer. The committee then briefly discussed the resignation of the Computing Service Director, his replacement, and faculty development issues.

TAFS 2008-09
Sungur informed the Committee that he received five applications for the Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars concerning the upcoming academic year. Pederson distributed a copy of the TAFS solicitation for 2008-09, noting that the second e-mail reminder will be forthcoming.

UMM Academic Inventories
Sungur showed the FDC members the webpage he created for UMM Academic Inventories. He pointed out that electronic tools are in place for on-line submission of faculty work in: (1) research/scholarly activity, (2) teaching methods/techniques, (3) academic technologies, and (4) public engagement. Members reviewed and discussed the materials. It was noted that the research/scholarly category should include creative activities, such as directing a play, art projects, music compositions, conducting concerts, etc. After review of the submission form, a motion was made (Kim/Borchardt) to table this item until the next meeting. In the meantime, Borchardt and Sungur will meet to discuss the wording of the electronic submission form.

The Committee will meet on Friday, April 4 at 4:00 P.M. at the Faculty Center .

Motion to adjourn (Borchardt, Kim); the meeting adjourned at 4:45 P.M.