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Faculty Development Commitee

Minutes for March 19, 2004
4 PM Faculty Center
East Annex


Present: Greg Thorson (Chair), Bert Ahern, David Hoppe, Siobhan Bremer, and Derrek Brunsberg
Absent: Carol Marxen

The meeting began at 1:00 PM at the Faculty Center.

Thorson asked for corrections or approval of the FDC Minutes 2/27/04. There were no objections; the FDC 2/27/04 minutes were unanimously approved.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Thorson said that he and Ahern had met with the Campus Resource and Planning Committee and the Consultative Committee noting that both were very favorable to the Faculty Affairs Committee.  Thorson said that the CRPC expressed concerns that the Faculty Affairs Committee pro-posal would 1) increase the number of committees on campus 2) said that the responsibilities of the CRPC and the Consultative Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee should be clearly stated to avoid duplication of efforts. Thorson said that the Consultative Committee was more supportive, is excited about the proposal language and delighted that the Faculty Affairs Committee would ease the workload of the Consultative Committee. The Consultative Committee said that if such a committee were established, the committee membership should be reminded that it represents/works with issues pertaining to all faculty (including adjunct, contract, temporary) as well as P & A Issues. Members discussed each of the Chancellor's concerns which included: 1) that the Chief Academic Officer of the college should be an ex-officio member of the FAC, 2) that if the FAC involves itself in equitable promotion and tenure matters, it is duplicative duties of the Level II committee, 3) that someone on the FAC and outside the Division should serve on each tenure track search committee. Members discussed each of the concerns. One member asked what the Level II committee was, Ahern explained that it was a committee of tenured faculty members appointed by the VCAA to advise that office on the recommendations of individuals for tenure and promotion by divisional tenure committees. Thorson will draft the response of the committee and circulate it to the members next week.

Thorson said that the topic for the Fall Faculty Retreat was decided on at the last meeting, and asked what the role of the FDC committee is for planning the retreat. He said that the next two meetings would include reviewing the applications for the FCLT Director and the Fall Faculty Retreat. Ahern said that the Faculty Enrichment Applications are due on March 22, and that one additional meeting may be needed. Thorson said that he would put together a survey for the Faculty Retreat for the next meeting, and that refinement of the survey could be done at a latter date. Remaining tasks for the FDC includes the Fall Retreat planning and reviewing a proposal for the next Bush Foundation grant. It was determined that the FDC will meet on the following dates: April 5, April 12, and April 26 from 3:30 to 4:30 PM at the Faculty Center. Thorson Excused himself from the meeting.

Faculty Center Director Applications/Search Procedures
Ahern said that the applications for the Director of the Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching are due on March 29th.  Applications with a current vita and cover letter are to be sent to the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean. The application procedure models that followed three years ago. Ahern said he does not know how many applications there will be, but we should have a list of questions to ask. Ahern said that he would draft a set of questions and circulate them to the committee. Applications will be reviewed before the April 5th meeting, and possibly the interview may begin at the April 5th meeting. The goal is to have the new Faculty Director in selected by April 15th.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Pederson