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Minutes of March 21, 2006
4:00 PM Faculty Center
East Annex



Cyrus Bina (Chair), Edith Borchardt, Alicia Canfield, Gordon McIntosh, Randi Peterson, and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio)

The meeting began at 4:11 P.M.

FDC Minutes 2/28/06
Bina asked for any corrections, revisions or approval of the minutes. Members reviewed the paragraph concerning the Distinguished Research Award and agreed to revise it to read: Nominations for the award may be made by anyone and are to be forwarded to your Division Chair and the Convener of the Distinguished Research Award Committee by December 5, (year). Motion to approve the FDC Minutes 2/28/06 as amended; it was carried unanimously.

Report on Survey, Fall Retreat, FEP Program, TAFS (Sungur) 


  • Discussed the response from the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) regarding the surveys
  • Sungur reported the surveys will be completed in the next few days; however they need to be approved by the FAC and Consultative Committee as well before they can be ready for implementation.

Fall Retreat

  • Sungur pointed out that he needs to engage the faculty to select topics and participate in the planning of the Fall Retreat. He will be e-mailing the faculty in this regard.
  • Sungur indicated that a segment of the retreat will focus on Innovative Teaching (Bush Technology Grant), while other important areas are Strategic Planning, UMM Constitution, and Motivating Students/Learning and Achievement.

Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP 06-07)

  • Application deadline is March 22; Sungur reported that the FCLT received a few applications and he is expecting more by Wednesday.
  • Sungur asked if past participants could apply again, noting that there is no rule pertaining to this; the response was affirmative providing that the preference should be given to new applicants.


  • Sungur reported that he had a meeting with Brenda Boever (Advising) about setting up Advising Seminars in the same format as the Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars. Sungur conveyed that the FCLT sent out e-mails requesting presenters for TAFS-R and/or TAFS-T. He indicated the FCLT has received several requests concerning TAFS-R, noting that he is waiting for the FDC's decision on the next year presenters. As for TAFS-T no formal requests have been received yet; however verbal interest was expressed by some, which may lead to a combined TAFS-T and TAFS-R in the forthcoming year.

Working Paper/Technical Report

  • Sungur has met with the Library Director, LeAnn Dean, concerning the Working Paper Series.
  • Sungur reported that the library will hold the hard copies of Working Papers and the Faculty Center will hold the oral presentations (podcasting). He reported on the idea of setting up a liberal arts journal similar to the History and Philosophy Journals at UMM.

End of year Recognition of Scholarship

  • Bina proposed a campus reception/recognition in honor of the faculty members who have been active in published research. After discussion, two members thought that there is no need for an independent celebratory occasion for such activities, and, at best, such recognition should be amalgamated with the annual recognition for other activities.

Distinguished Research Award
A member pointed out that the number of recommendations in support of the candidate's dossier should be identified precisely rather than stating “no more than 10,” in the announcement. Bina will communicate this concern with the Distinguished Research Award Committee and report to FDC before the end of the semester.

Bina asked for a motion to approve the following revised paragraph for the Distinguished Research Award. Members unanimously approved the following paragraph.

Nominations for the award may be made by anyone and are to be forwarded to your Division Chair and the Convener of the Distinguished Research Award Committee by December 5, (year).

The FDC will meet on Tuesday, April 18 at 4:00 P.M. in the Faculty Center. Items on the agenda will include:

  1. FDC Minutes 3/21/06
  2. Faculty Enrichment Program (review/selection of 5)
  3. Thursday Afternoon Seminar (selection of 8 presenters)
  4. Electronic Journal

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Submitted by:
Linda Pederson