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Minutes of March 23, 2009
1:00 PM Faculty Center
The Faculty Center , Blakely 10

Present: Jong-Min Kim (Chair), Seung-Ho Joo, Paul Grove, and Engin Sungur (Ex-Officio).
Absent: Jess Larson and Adam Olson
Minutes taken by: Linda Pederson

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.

FDC Minutes, 02/23/09
Kim asked for additions, revisions, and/or approval of the FDC Minutes dated February 23, 2009. Motion: Grove, Joo, unanimously approved.

Fall Faculty Retreat 2009
Pederson distributed topic suggestions for the FFR 2009 to members for review. Since there has not been a great response, a member said the FCLT should send a personalized memo to each of the committee chairs requesting additional topic suggestions. With hopes of additional feedback from committee chairs, the FDC will discuss the FFR 09 theme and topics, and FFR 09 planning committee members during the forthcoming FDC meeting.

Faculty Enrichment Program 2009-2010
The Faculty Enrichment Program Application has been sent twice to all tenure-track Faculty. The deadline was March 20.The Faculty Center has received two applicants for the FEP 2009-10 program. Sungur said the FCLT provides funding for five mentor/mentee pairs, but additional funding was provided this year for a second year participant at a reduced amount. Members agreed to extend the application deadline to April 20 for the FEP 2009-10 application and an additional announcement will be sent to tenure-track faculty.

Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminar 2009-2010
Sungur has received three applications for the Thursday Afternoon Faculty Seminars for the upcoming academic year. Pederson distributed a copy of the TAFS requests for 2009-10. Members discussed other types of presentations, including:

  • McKnight Presentation (need to contact Dean's office for recipient's name)
  • Special Presentation by Retiring faculty member
  • New faculty arriving in the fall

Sungur said all TAFS are recorded for podcasting and uploaded to the Faculty Center Website. Sungur said the TC Campus created an iTunesU site for both public and private viewing of presentations and lectures. Sungur said that Crookston, TC, and Duluth all have presentations/lectures posted to the iTunesU site and noted that UMM will post the TAFS Podcast to iTunesU site in the near future. Sungur said, before the podcasts are uploaded to the iTunesU site, all presenters must complete a “Speaker Release Form” and submit it to Christine Mahoney (External Relations). Sungur said the FCLT has mailed the Speaker Release form to TAFS presenters, requesting their signature and return of the form to the FCLT. When all forms are returned, the Podcasts will be uploaded to iTunesU.

Focus on Faculty Newsletter
Kim said he e-mailed the Dean with the FDC 2/23/09 minutes, but has not received a reply in regards to the Focus on Faculty Newsletter. Kim will contact her again. Suggestions for newsletter articles include:

  • Interview faculty member
  • Ask FEP participants to write a report on their experience with the program
  • Retiring faculty – article on experience at UMM
  • NCA Report – Various committees were set up for the NCA Report, it was suggested to ask each committee for a brief summary. Sungur will contact Korth.

Next Meeting Dates
Kim set the FDC meeting dates for April 13 and May 4 at 1:00 PM in the Faculty Center . Kim will invite Goodnough to the April 13 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.